Monday, June 04, 2007

Four Out of Five Cats Prefer the Window

Well actually, they all like the window. It's just that Sophie won't get up there if there are more than two of her siblings already there. We got this cool bench from Ikea that opens up for storage. It's the perfect dimensions for a window seat for our front windows. The cats love it:

So from left to right it's: The Fuzzimous Sean Connery Squintified McFootball Head (Titus), Hercules, Ophelia (notice how LARGE her posterior is), and Luna.

I only wish it would provide enough entertainment to keep them from horribly scratching the furniture up. I swear, we bought a sectional about a year ago and it's already like shredded to pieces. RAGE.


Katie J said...

The cats are adorable and your furniture looked fine to me. Of course, I have a cat as well, so I have blinders too.

Beth said...

It's photos like these that get me missing my cat so much. I had her for 13 years, she was a good friend!