Monday, March 19, 2007

100 Things About Me

I've seen this on many-a blog lately. So I've decided to do it as well. Maybe this will help my Secret Pal too. Edited 8/6/08. Edited again 7/14/09. Edited again 2/18/10.

1. My name is Gina

2. My full birth name is Gina Marie

3. After I got Confirmation in 6th grade, my name was Gina Marie Bernadette

4. Yes, Confirmation sucks

5. I'm older than I look, which is a good thing

6. But I also feel much older than I should, which is not a good thing

7. I have 2 sisters: one older, one younger

8. My little sister is much younger, by over 10 years

9. My older sister and I have really grown close over the last 10 years or so

10. My husband’s name is Todd

11. We were married in June 2004

12. But we’ve been together since January 1999

13. No kids

14. Ever, I hope

15. I love animals

16. As a result, I have 6 cats

17. They are: Hercules, Titus, Ophelia, Luna, Orson, and Moonie (Mr. Chesterfield passed away in November 2008,; we lost our beloved Sophie in March 2010.)

18. Yes, I am crazy

19. No, somehow my house does not smell like a giant litter box

20. I was born and raised in South Philly

21. I moved from there to Claymont, Delaware about 4 years ago

22. I will always consider myself a Philadelphian

23. I'm 100% Italian

24. And Catholic, of course

25. Not practicing

26. Recovering from 13 years (if you count Kindergarten) of Parochial school

27. I am chubby

28. This bothers me

29. I lost a bunch of weight (60 pounds) a few years ago

30. Gained pretty much all of it back

31. Not happy about it

32. I am currently trying to figure out what's up with that

33. Part of it is that I like food too much

34. Except Indian food (RETCH)

35. But I adore sushi

36. I am a pretty decent cook

37. Well I learned a lot from my grandmom, who was awesome

38. I didn't learn from her as much as I could have

39. Now it's too late

40. I miss her

41. I lost my best friend to a senseless, tragic car accident in July 2005

42. Her name was Kathleen

43. It wasn’t her fault

44. I am still reeling from it

45. I miss her too

46. Terribly

47. Thankfully, both my parents are both still living

48. My dad was, is, and always will be the smartest man I’ve ever known

49. I nicknamed him Highlander because he seems to know everything about everything

50. I am very much like my dad

51. Though I’m not as smart

52. I’m very artistic

53. Yet also quite pragmatic

54. Which is why I declined a scholarship to Moore College of Art

55. My existence totally disproves the left-brain, right-brain theory

56. I majored in History

57. At West Chester University in PA

58. It was ok

59. Currently, I work at a major Philadelphia university

60. It’s ok

61. I’ve been working at this job for over 8 years

62. My boss is a nice man

63. Frustratingly cryptic and frazzled, but a good person

64. At some point in my life, I want a Welsh Corgi

65. To eat

66. Only kidding :-P

67. I like to knit, sew, cross stitch, paint, wallpaper, draw --- basically anything creative

68. I love video games: console, computer, and hand-held

69. I also do face-to-face roleplaying

70. My husband introduced me to that

71. Currently loving Lost, Dexter and old episodes of the X-Files.

72. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was my favorite TV show

73. I own a lot of episodes on VHS and DVD

74. I own a piece of the disassembled Deep 13

75. I hope I didn’t lose it in the move :-(

76. I also loved the TV show Perfect Strangers, much to my husband’s dismay

77. I love animated stuff from Cowboy Bebop to Spongebob Squarepants

78. But especially the work of Hayao Miyazaki

79. I’ve been on e-mail and using the internet since 1993

80. Ebay owes me, big time

81. So does

82. I like stuff

83. I buy a lot of it

84. I can’t ride a bike

85. Or swim

86. I am terrified of drowning

87. I am a Taurus, through and through

88. Slightly mitigated by a Libra rising

89. I do believe that astrological signs say a lot about a person

90. I was born in the year of the rat

91. I am a Democrat

92. I have one nephew who is 16 and a niece (his sister) who is 3 and 1/2.

93. I’ve been to Japan; it was quite an experience.

94. I’d like to go again

95. I’d also like to go to Italy, France, England, and Australia

96. I love movies, especially silly ones

97. No horror movies, please

98. Or Titanic

99. I love the 1980s, particularly that decade’s music

100. There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee and a homemade pizzelle


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

"I own a piece of the disassembled Deep 13."

Are you kidding? OH MY DOG. That is very very cool.

You must locate this item and post a picture of it ASAP!

Gina said...

HAHAHAHA! I do now recall lovingly placing it in box the day before we moved. So I know it's in the new house somewhere!

the nicole kline experience said...

eye wub ewe

Katie J said...

Great list Gina. You forgot "great sense of humor that makes Marsha laugh until she's red in the face".

Gina said...

Marsha! I found Deep 13!! Will get a picture up soon.

sognatrice said...

I love pizzelles so hard. My mom sent me some last Christmas, and even though most arrived in pieces, they still hit the spot. *sigh*

Great list :)

Beth said...

You're right, your house does not have a hint of cat litter box odor! I have a good nose. I love cats. I detest the smell of cat litter boxes.

Karin said...

hehe didn't see your 100 list until AFTER the swap...guess we did Ok anyway, right?

I don't like horror movies, either. :)

I totally would love to have you as my neighbor.