Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Topic Of The Week #3


Autumn has now officially begun here in the States!! What is your favorite thing about Autumn/Fall? Why?

Well, I've always liked autumn. It's my favorite time of year, I think. There are many reasons why. For one thing, I like sweaters. But not coats. If I could live out the remainder of my days in 55-degree weather, wearing a sweater, I'd die happy. Coats are way too bulky and I overheat in them. Also, I like to be able to enjoy the air that I breathe outside. Summer air is suffocating. Winter air rips the skin off your face. And Spring air... is a mattress....LOL, joke. Spring air is too moist. I find that I get a lot of respiratory infections in the Spring because of all that moist air. And who wants that?

Aside from Halloween, of which I have never really been fond, I actually like the month of October best of all the autumn months. I grew up in the city of Philadelphia, so we didn't have that many trees around. But I do have fond memories of rides in the car, windows down, looking at all the trees along I-95 or the Schuylkill (I-76) and their amazing colors. I also love me a good apple. And October seems to be the month of awesome apples! Seriously! J'ever eat a McIntosh apple in, say, June? Meh. Eat one in October and WOW! What a difference. And I was once a huge baseball fan (Atlanta Braves), and you know how important October is to baseball....

Also, I find autumn to be a time of renewal for me. I mentioned this on my questionnaire, too. It is probably closely linked to the fact that the start of the academic year is in the fall. And I seem to have spent most of my life as a student or working in academia. Kinda odd, when you think about it.... But as a kid, I loved the start of the school year! I was the kid that was drooling up the stationery aisle at the K-Mart. Yeah. When we finally got a Staples in Philadelphia, I was about 12. You'd think that it was Disney World, the way I reacted. And I am still a sucker for a great pen! But anyway, lots of fond memories of autumn make it my favorite time of year.

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Beth said...

Right now, I'm with you - lovin' Autumn, too. I've got all the windows open and fans pulling fresh aure through the house! Is October baseball playoff season?