Monday, December 22, 2008

Knitted Mitts

So I held-off posting this completed knitted item until I actually gave it to the recipient! I did that today and she loved them. I am so thrilled!

These are Super Mario Mushroom Mitts. It's a free pattern that I found on Ravelry from Vickie Howell.

I am really pleased with how they turned out! What a super fast and fun thing to knit! They fit her perfectly, too.

I decided to go with the red and a green, since the green mushrooms are the most important ones in a Mario game (they are the 1up delights)!


Katie J said...

So CUTE! I did zero holiday knitting this year. Congrats to you!

Bubblesknits said...

How neat! I used to love playing Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo system. :-)

Beth said...

They look great!

Vickie Howell said...

They look great--love the red & green mushrooms! --Vickie

Id said...

Very cool. In fact, I was playing Super Paper Mario last night. I'll be sure to show this to my crafty sweety.