Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Need Your Opinion

Ok, so I want to update the look of my living room wall.

Right now, I have three 20 x 28 frames hanging all next to each other, with about 8 inches in between each one. In each of these frames is a blown-up photo that I took in a state park in Vermont when we were on vacation there in 2006.

Here's what the wall currently looks like:

While I like the photos enough, the problem has always been the frames. I purchased these 3 frames from Ikea. Trying to open the backs up to put the photos in resulted in the glass breaking on all 3. YES, ALL THREE. So the frames are hanging without the glass. My dad rigged up the frames with some stuffing in the back to make the photos come to the front, so it wouldn't look weird. looks weird. Because now the photos are starting to buckle out from the matting. Sigh.

It's time for a change. Seriously. Buying a large, framed or stretched-canvas art piece for the wall space above the sofa isn't going to be cheap, even if it's a print. We're talking about a framed piece that's at least 64" wide by 22" high, or a combination of framed art (or prints) equal that amount. I can't afford it; and I can't think of anything I actually like enough to be willing to shell out the cash, either.

And something tells me that Todd wouldn't be thrilled to see three of these on the walls:


Anyway, that wall is a light green. Not quite sage because sage has more of a brown/yellow undertone and this green color has definite notes of gray or blue in it. It's a little darker than how it appears in the photo. You can't really see the sofa too well, but it's a dark marine blue.

I've been thinking of doing the removable, vinyl wall decals. Etsy has TONS of them. And I can re-do the look of the wall for well under $100. I've favorited several, and would like your opinions on what you think might look good in that space.

Here are a few that are in high consideration, in no particular preferential order:

I would probably do dark brown branches, white flowers, and turquoise birds. Unless you think some other color combo would be better with the wall color I have.

Again, for color, I was thinking either the chocolate or the matte black. I really like this one. My only complaint is that it's only one color. But the picture is interesting enough that I think it would be ok. Maybe? How about the silver?

This decal has a TON of color options. I still think I'd do brown for the blocks and then the birds in a turquoise color.

This would be more of a departure from what I have now, but I think it looks so cool. And seriously, I think the wall could handle it. Also, GREAT price for the size! Colors? Trees in brown, gray, or silver, birds in turquoise? Beige? Not sure.

This is similar to the first one, but it's a good bit larger. Still thinking brown tree and blue birds. But the black does look good.

Another triptych style. I like how this looks in black. I think it would look great with that light green coming from behind it too. This is a really inexpensive option too, under $50.

Ok, last one! This one is another large one (80" wide). I'd have to really think about where to position this, but it could work if it came from the other direction. If you look at the picture of my wall up there, I have a doorway to the right and a lot of empty space between that doorway and the sofa. I'd probably chose similar colors to the ones pictured here in this photo.

Hope I didn't bombard you with too many options! I think I might do the same thing in the master bedroom and possibly in the powder room, since I can't seem to get around to painting it!


CTStudios said...

Actually, I like your photographs. They are personal; a part of you always in the room. If you call your local glass shop (a place that does windows) you can probably get glass cut to fit your frame for around $50 total. Then paint the entire wall in a darker color ... perhaps a wide stripe in two similar/contrasing colors .. with the other 3 walls in one solid ... Still under $100 if you purchase the paint at Walmart. I like the decals, but once on the wall, I don't see them giving off any depth or substance ... unless, of course, you got out some paint and gave them shadows, etc.

My thoughts, since you asked .... lol

Bubblesknits said...

Oh my....I had no idea these existed on Etsy. I want. Really, really want.

Anonymous said...

I like the wall decals, but I agree with CTStudios that keeping the photographs is the best option. I love those pictures (not least because I was with you when you took them!) and have a hard time imagining your living room wall without them!

Gina said...

Interesting.... Well I have to buy new prints in addition to trying to get glass for the frames. The photos now are buckling out (2 of them are really bad) and all 3 have faded a little too. I don't think they are salvageable. Also, I did this weird thing with them when I blew them up so that they came out looking slightly overexposed. In retrospect, I think I should have used just the original exposure instead of trying to be artsy fartsy!

I don't know where to go to get glass for these frames. We don't have a framing place locally that I am aware of. And aside from a large window and siding company, I don't know of any local window/glass place that would be willing to cut me three 20 x 28 pieces of glass. Maybe in Philly I can find someplace. But my luck with glass isn't great....

So...I think it would be safer and easier to just buy new frames, which is something I wanted to avoid.

As for the wall colors: There are 2 walls painted that green and 2 walls painted a mushroomy or taupe gray/brown color. I don't want to re-paint that wall or the other walls in the living room. But, I can see how doing that stripe thing would make the photos look more prominent in the room.

But maybe the problem really is the frames. Maybe the silver frame isn't the best option? Perhaps I should go with black and maybe with a wider frame surface. Or use a different color matting?

GAH, I don't even know anymore! LOL

But seriously, NONE of those decal options was appealing at all?

Pat said...

I love those decals - they are so neat and I hadn't seen anything like them before. But I have to vote with Marsha and CT, your own photos are the best. Perhaps you'd consider printing them right on to canvas and stretching it and leaving them frameless??