Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

If you are in the market for a luxury yarn --- particularly cashmere or a cashmere blend --- then I HIGHLY recommend ColourMart.

They have truly beautiful yarns in nice, lovely, natural, workable colors for extraordinary prices. I just got 420 yards of light worsted cashmere for $36, shipping included. Colorway is called "dust." The best way to describe the color is that it's a light gray beige.

It's even nicer in person. I plan on using it as the main color to make the Folk Art Scarf. Link is to free Ravelry pattern.

Now I'm being tempted by a luscious plum-colored aran cashmere...$32 for 330 yards, shipped.

Commence sitting on hands in 5...4...3....


Michelle said...

GORGEOUS yarn, Gina! I'm having yarn envy... and that pattern rocks. I'll be quite excited to see the finished product!

Karin said...

Arrgh! Don't tell me about reasonably priced cashmere/blends. I REALLY need to sit on my hands now.

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