Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Call the Men in the White Coats

Because this guy needs a straitjacket STAT. I mean, seriously? At least it's a free pattern. And if anyone of you makes this, I will stab you.

Can't see things in Ravelry?


"Um...what the hell is it," you ask? "That can't be a...."

"GRAPE COZY???!?!??!" Sigh. It is.

You know, some days I feel like I may have crossed the threshold into insanity, then I see things like this. Some other lunatic commented on this in Ravelry saying, "I love this! This would also be nice for a little hershey kiss or some m & m’s. Thanks!" SURE. Apparently crazy is now an airborne disease.

If I start knitting cozies for individual pieces of cat-food kibble, please have me committed.

That is all.


Marsha said...

A GRAPE cozy?


Yup, the decline of civilization is truly at hand.

Bubblesknits said...

ROTFL Now I have this image of your cat looking at it's cozy covered kibble and wondering just how the hell it's supposed to get to the food.

Tiffany said...

OMG, that is just THE most bizare knitted item I've seen this week. Oh those Ravers... :D