Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whew. I'm Alive, Somehow!

Somehow I managed to survive Thanksgiving and the drive down to my sister's house in Wake Forest, NC and back to Philly. It was a very long, arduous drive down there: just over 9 hours. And I think it was something like 7.5 coming back. The drive should take about 6.5.

We had a great time, though, while there. We went to see a movie, The Prestige. You know, about the magicians? It was good. I'd recommend it. For the following 5 reasons:

5) Does Michael Caine EVER disappoint? No. Well, except maybe Blame It on Rio....
4) You get to see Andy Serkis do something else besides Gollum/Smeagol
3) Christian Bale. Crazy as all get-out in this movie. (Incidentally, I cannot believe Christian Bale is like 2 years younger than me. No way. He looks MUCH older.)
2) Hugh Jackman. Even crazier, if you can imagine it.

And the number 1) and best reason of all: David Bowie is in it. He plays Nikola Tesla. He like totally BURNINATES! Seriously, I think he's the best part. He does a fabulous job portraying the brilliant, somewhat eccentric, stoic Hungarian. A very controlled performance. Thumbs up to Ziggy Stardust.

So here's the latest kids' Christmas scarves update: 3 done; 2 to go! I will try to remember to take pictures of them all. Oh! AND my secret pal got her 2nd package! And she sent me a very nice e-mail thanking me for the goodies. I'm glad she's liking everything. I am such a worry wart about getting just the right things for people!


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

"Burninates" has got to be one of the best words out there. I need to figure out how to work that into everyday conversation so I'm saying it at least ten times per day.

Beth said...

Did I miss an earlier post about Christmas Stockings? What do you have going - 3 stockings! Wow - impressive.

I'm a worry wart too. I spent a long time trying to decide what yarn to get my SP. I just sent her a package on Tuesday. I sur hope she likes it.

Gina said...

Oh Lord, no, not stockings. LOL Scarves. I'm sure that I couldn't finish ONE Christmas stocking in 3 years if I tried. :-P