Thursday, February 01, 2007

And Then...

...there were five:

That's right, folks. Todd and I picked up a kitty off the street the other day. We couldn't bear the thought of this little thing braving another 20-degree (or colder) night outside on the streets. It even snowed the night we got her. When I saw her, she was trying to drink from a dirty, frozen puddle at the curb near a car. So sad!

We scooped her up, took her to the vet, got her some shots, and now she's home with our quartet right now. She's only about 5 months old. She weighed 4 pounds at the vet's office (underweight, because she was malnourished). She's totally healthy and super lovable.

We've tentatively named her Luna, Lu-Lu for a nickname.

I say tentatively because we are actively looking for someone to take her. We're giving it a couple of weeks. If it ends up that nobody's interested in her darling little face, well, that's ok too. We knew our responsibility once we stopped the car to get her. It's just that with our impending move to Delaware in a few weeks, it might be easier if we didn't have a new kitty around. And, let's face it, HOLY SHIT: FIVE CATS?!?

Todd took that picture up there with my cellphone this morning. Come on, people, just look at her. Could you leave that adorable, little, silver tabby outside in the ferocity of winter to her death?


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Too cute! So are the other cats behaving themselves around the new kitty?

Gina said...

Yes! Well, Herc is like all up in her business all the time. He's just so curious about her and wants to play with her.

Sophie is ambivalent. No kidding, right?

Titus seems to like her. He's curious about her in a nice, non-threatening way. That's pretty much Titus' MO with everything. He's mellow.

Ophelia, well she doesn't seem to like the little one at all. I'm not sure if she's afraid of her, or jealous, or angry or what. But Fi-Fi has been acting REALLY strangely.

Katie J said...

I'm going to bet that Luna becomes a permanent part of the family