Friday, February 09, 2007

Sigh...I Should Have Known

Ok so remember the kitty we picked up early last week? Efforts to find her a good home had failed for about a week. Then I went to my first-Tuesday-of-the-month knitting group this week. There is a woman who just starting attending the group named Shannon. Shannon is a vet! I posed my dilemma to her about the kitty (Luna). Shannon said, "Oh, bring her to me! That's what we do. We rescue animals and/or help rescued animals find good homes." I was so thrilled!

So I got home that night and I told Todd. He seemed ok with it; happy that Luna would definitely be placed in a safe, loving home. We decided that we'd take her there on Thursday after work.

Wednesday night rolls around. Todd starts making otter fists. What are otter fists? Well, just look at the picture in my profile. "Otter fists" is a humorous term that I came up with for something that is endearingly cute or for something that you want but think you might not be able to obtain, which also is probably endearingly cute. Why those definitions? Well, for one thing, otters' little paws are so freakin' cute. Second, I feel so bad for them with those little "arms" and paws. How do they function? How is it not impossible for them to eat, groom, and defend themselves with those stubby "arms?"

For a human to make otter fists:

1) make fists with both hands
2) bring arms up from your elbow to your chest, just under your chin
3) rock your fists back and forth

There you go.

Ok, where was I? ...Oh yes, Todd made otter fists on Wednesday.

Me: Ok, what's that all about?

Todd: I've grown too attached to the baby [Luna] to give her away. We've had her with us too long. I think we should keep her!

Me: What? It's only been like a week.

Todd: I know, but she's really cutie and FINALLY we have a lap-cat. She's getting along with the others too.

Me: Sigh...I don't know. Five cats? She'll be going to a very nice home, you know. A vet wouldn't give her to just anybody.

Todd: Look, we have four already. What's one more?

Me: Well, I can understand why you'd want to keep her. She is very sweet and pretty. But, well, it's just that sometimes I feel so totally overwhelmed by the cats.

Todd: How come?

Me: Well everything I do, every moment of my time at home, there is a cat there. Try to sit and eat lunch? Dinner? There's a cat or two or THREE lurking around me, climbing up me, or begging for food. Sleep? Cats, all hours of the night and morning. Shower? Cats in the bathroom sink. All my clothes have cat hair on them, even my bras. Scratches on the walls and the furniture. They pull on the rug. They eat my mail and break my things (mostly just Titus). It's just that they are all over everything all the time.

Todd: I know. But I just feel like I really got attached to this one and I want to see her grow-up. Look, let's say that we'll tentatively keep her and then in a few weeks if she gets nuts or fights with the others or whatever, we know that we'll have a place where we can bring her. How's that?


So, there it is. I caved in to the otter fists! But really, I see why Todd is so attached to her. Could you resist such a pretty, little thing?:

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Beth said...

Luna has a great home - hooray! Otter fists - I like it.