Thursday, March 22, 2007

First SP10 Contest!

So, here's the info for my first SP10 contest! And, in fact, I've wanted to put this up on the blog for a while now! It's my current projects! Finally!

Thanks so much to Nicole, who took these pictures this morning. I still can't find my stupid camera. :-(

So, here are the socks---my first-ever pair of socks. Knit from the toe-up. I am almost to the point on the one sock where I need to make the gusset and then turn the heel. Because of the moving hoo-ha, I've been unable to make it to any of our recent knitting meetings where these techniques were covered. So I will have to have one-on-one instruction with Pat (our super awesome teacher). I am actually rather proud of myself for being able to knit fairly well on eenie-teeny needles AND double points, which I've never used either before. Seriously, the smallest I've ever used has been size 7 and I've never used double points until these socks.

Here's a picture from a different angle. I'm using Knit Picks yarn called Essential Tweed in the Flint color on size 2 needles (I think?). Very soft, lovely yarn. The yarn, however, is slightly challenging to work with because it does split if you're not super careful. These will be a very nice pair of socks (and dare I say, luxurious?) when I finally finish them. And I really do want to finish them. Gotta finish my first pair of socks ever! Right?

My next project is near and dear to me because it's for my sister, who is having her second child after 13 years! WOW. She found out she's having a girl. So that, to me, makes knitting baby items a whole lot easier. So here is a blanket I started working on for her. I am using Bernat Cottontots yarn in Sweet Cream and Lovely Lilac. The pattern is from a little booklet of baby patterns that I found in line at the supermarket checkout! For $3.00, that little book has some really nice patterns in it! It's basically houndstooth. I know it's hard to tell from the picture because I only have about 6 rows done so far. This is a very simple pattern, but the result is so neat!

Also here is an updated picture of the yarn stash. I think I've unearthed everything. Now if I can only find my comb...yes, it's been 2 weeks and I can't find my hair comb. Oy.


Katie J said...

Your yarn looks fabulous! I would love to have a wall of yarn display like that.

Beth said...

What a great looking display of yarn! Did you take Todd's shelf or buy one for yourself?

Gina said...

Hey Beth!

This is a new one. Todd's shelf was 5 blocks x 5 blocks. We actually had to leave it in the old house because we couldn't get it out; it was too big! :-(