Monday, March 05, 2007

Catch-up Stuff

Oh, in the name of all sanity, the things that are involved in moving are so complicated! Sorry I haven't been posting much. I've been quite overwhelmed with the stuff of moving. I am almost done painting, thank Christ. I have half a wall left to do in the dining room. I am exhausted!

Likewise, I haven't been doing much knitting, either. Our official move date is March 10. So, hopefully, within a week or so of that day, I will be chugging along again with knitting. I'd love to finish the socks that Pat taught us. I already missed the "gusset" lesson. :-( Plus, that baby blanket for my sister 'aint gonna knit itself.

About 2 weeks ago I broke my self-imposed yarn moratorium and bought some very special 100% linen yarn that was on 65%-off clearance somewhere. I can't even remember which website it was, or else I'd link you guys! It's Louet Euroflax Aberdeen Heathers. Seriously, $18-a-skein yarn for $6.25? I had to buy some. I intend on using it to make a couple of guest hand towels for the bathroom(s) (seeing that my new house now has 2.5 baths)! I got Milkweed (1 skein --- it was all they had), and 3 skeins each of Chamomile, and Lavender. But that's all I bought, I swear it! :-)

OK so I have the Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar on my desk at work. Today's pattern is the most disturbingly ugly, eye-assaulting thing I think I've ever seen on this calendar --- and I've been getting this calendar since January 2005. I will say that the quality and integrity of the patterns within this calendar have continually degraded over the last couple of years. Courtesy of my cell phone, so it's a little fuzzy. You'll probably thank me for the fuzziness once you get a gander at this atrocity. To see it with full-on clarity might induce vomiting:

Yeah. I know. Erm...sometimes you gotta say what the fuck? You know? I mean seriously. My God this is BAD. Ok so I don't know what's worse about this: the feathery, yellow collar on this sorry excuse for a garment or the fact that she's wearing it over a long-sleeve, black t-shirt. Or maybe the fact that it's every freakin' color in the universe? Or that because it's a motley, shapeless, flour sack that goes to the knees it is the single most unflattering garment ever designed for the female shape? I can't look at it anymore. What do you think? Discuss.

Oh, yeah, and? That yellow stuff? Yeah it's not just a collar. It's a freakin' HOOD. YES. A. HOOD. So that you have "the added option of pulling [it] over your head to resemble Goldilocks' hair." That's what it says. No, I am not joking. Here's a close-up, if you can handle it:

So, basically, if you want to look like Big Bird wearing something that looks like Walt Disney threw up on you, then your dreams have finally come true.


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Nice score on the linen yarn! I wouldn't mind getting some of that for myself.

I'm bummed to see your discussion of that Goldilocks pattern, since I was going to knit you one of those for Christmas. But now that you know all about it, I guess it wouldn't be a surprise... :)

Katie J said...

Wow, fugly doesn't begin to describe that thing.

I've been pretty good with my yarn diet, but I can understand how you can't pass up a deal like that. I found myself wondering if I could get some too and justify. I don't have the new house, though.

Congrats! We missed you at Tuesday night knit group!

Beth said...

$6.25 per skein for that linen yarn! You had to buy it. "Godilocks and the Three Triangles?" the name alone makes me want to vomit.

Nicole said...