Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cute Baby Fix

Ok so here's some pictures of Aubrey from last week. Because I am a complete idiot, I forgot to bring my camera on Halloween. Thus, I missed the opportunity to take pictures of her dressed up like a pea-pod. I hope my sister sends me one!

Anyway, here she is with my sister holding her at the baptism, wearing the sweater I made (it fit her perfectly! The booties, however, were too big.):

After a little water, a little chrism, and more than a little bit of tears, here she is asleep:

Later, we had a reception and my sister changed her into a more casual, comfortable outfit. Here's one of her many feeding times! My brother-in-law looks exhausted. Aubrey looks like a delightful little peanut!:

I just love this picture. She really looks like my side of the family: a very Italian baby!

We had a good time having them all up here. I will be heading down there to NC to look after Aubrey during the second week in December. My sister has to go back to work and the child-care person isn't contracted to start until February! So we're all pitching in to help. My mom will be staying with my sister for the whole month of January.


Marsha said...

That sweater looks terrific on her! I'm sure that's destined to become a family heirloom!

Katie J said...

That sweater looks wonderful on your little "mini me"!