Monday, December 07, 2009

The Finished Kimono

I have this up on Ravelry, but just in case, here are the photos of the finished kimono for Shumin. I am so happy I got this done. I hope she likes it.

I thought about threading the ribbons through the eyelet holes in some fashion. But then again, I couldn't think of a good way to secure them in there that wouldn't be itchy or pose some other potential problem for the baby! So I just stuck with the pattern's instructions and made the two bows that tie at the bottom. And I think the ribbon is too wide to fully show through the eyelets anyway.

Also, I busted out the sewing machine tonight and folded over and sewed every edge of each ribbon strand. I didn't want it fraying all over the place. I didn't sew in the ribbons, either. I just threaded them right through the knitting at the seam and then right back through the front on the other side of the seam. That way if the ribbons get skanky, she can take them out and replace them! Yeah, I think too much.

The kimono ties through the eyelet holes that I continued down to the garter stitch. I think it made for a much more organic feel rather than to sew in 4 loose ribbons. It also lays nicely. I'm really happy with how the blocking turned out. Cotton isn't the easiest thing to block!


Anonymous said...

That kimono looks awesome! How did it go over at the baby shower?

Bubblesknits said...

It's so pretty! I love the color you picked. And the idea of being able to change out the ribbons if need be is fabulous.

Katie J said...

Stunning! Love it.

Holy said...

Wow that is so delicate and sweet, really liked it even its color is so sweet.Great work, keep it up.

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