Thursday, February 10, 2011


So I sensed something was wonky while knitting the pinwheel last night. I re-read the pattern and realized that I was increasing too frequently. I need to increase the outer, reverse-garter stitch rounds every 6th round, not every other round. Oops. Which also means that I have more to knit in order to finish than my original reassessment determined. I think I have about 18 rounds left. But I'm committed to getting it done! So I'm not discouraged.

I don't think it's a disaster (I hope). I'm going to explain what I did here just to get the mathematics out of my brain before it angrily augers through my skull and out my forehead.

The pattern rounds are
repeat 3x, but on the last K round (round 6), increase 1 in every section (there are 8 sections). Yeah, also? That is counter-intuitive to me. Knit just always seems like it would be first. And I change the color on every 18th round.

Ok. So when I first re-started, it looked as if I had completed 9 rounds of the color I was working with. And the next round was definitely a knit round and I increased (round 10). Then I purled round 11. I increased again on round 12 (where I was supposed to), then purled round 13. I realized my idiocy before knitting round 14, so I didn't increase here, then purled round 15. By this time I noticed that I couldn't do another 2 rounds with the color I was using, so I switched a little early. I don't think anyone will notice. So I attached the next color and will knit (round16) and then purl (round 17) and then increase where I'm supposed to again on round 18.

So, technically, I'm only 1 set of increases over what I should have, right? I think I can live with that and move on.

I'm supposed to bind off once I have 392 stitches. I counted last night and I have 376. With the increase on round 18, I'll have 384, then again on round 6 it will be 392. But, since I did that wacky extra increase, I think I'll go 6 more rounds and make it 400 stitches on round 12 (which will technically be round 14 because I changed the color early). Then I'll knit 2 rounds straight to make it 16 stitches of the color, THEN bind off. Maybe. I mean I might just do a little fancy thing for a couple of rounds with the next color (because I sure as Hell won't be doing that loopy I-cord thing; I'd REALLY lose my mind entirely). Depends on my level of patience at that moment!

Does this make sense to any person out there whose brain isn't as addled as mine? LOL

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