Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I'm Happy

The poncho arrived safe and sound in North Carolina last Tuesday. My sister texted me the following:

"Guess what came today while I was at work and they opened it. Doesn't it look great?! She won't take it off. :-)"

I couldn't be happier that my niece is so happy with it. The next day (Christmas Eve) my sister sent me another text:

"Thank you so much for the Christmas gifts! Aubrey still won't take off the poncho....Here we are outside the restaurant we are eating at tonight. Note the poncho!"

Honestly, there is nothing that makes me happier than when someone uses the thing I made for them.  Could be as simple as a dishcloth, but it is really so validating that the effort was worthwhile!


Marsha said...

So glad to hear that the poncho is a hit (and it looks amazing!). Have you cast on for icicle sweater yet? :)

Anonymous said...

It's Jen. :) We still use the lion washcloth you made for Maeve on bath nights!

Glitter Girl said...

The Poncho looked Great! Keep it Up! XOXO - Jules!