Thursday, September 07, 2017

True Millennial Stories

Me: Have you met our new faculty?
Millennial: I think so?  Maybe?
Me: He's really nice. You'd probably remember him if you did.  Very tan, longish wavy hair, looks a lot like Roger Daltrey.
Millennial: ...I don't know who that is.

Millennial:  Headed to the shore house this weekend with Jason, Nick, Lindsey, and Logan
Millennial's Mom:  Lindsey. Um. That's a girl, isn't it? Are you bringing girls to the shore house when I'm not there?!
Millennial:  Mom....
Millennial's Mom:  Isn't Lindsey typically a girl's name?
Me:  Well there's Lindsey Buckingham....
Millennial: Who the hell is Lindsey Buckingham?

Bitch, please.

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