Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orson photo

Ok I went with the second one only because it really was better quality. I will try to get another one soon. One that shows his icy blue eyes better!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Which picture?

I think it's finally safe to say that Orson is a permanent addition to the Waters' family of felines. So, I need to update my header to include a picture of Orson. Which of these do you like better?

Orson 1:

Or Orson 2:

Or should I try to take another photo? He's not easy to photograph. He's the kind of cat that wants to rub his face on the camera instead of stand in front of it and look good. I'm torn. Orson 1 captures his personality better, but the photo is a little grainy. Orson 2 has better photo clarity, but doesn't really say "Orson" the way I know him.

I promise I will post some updates from the last 2 months or so of my absence. UGH. I am so fired.