Monday, November 23, 2009


Hear, ye! Hear, ye!

All the yarn in my stash (give or take 5-7 items currently in use in projects that I can't easily pull out & photograph) is finally up on Ravelry. It was both labor and time intensive, but worth it in the long run!

I actually sold something too. Oddly enough, it was one of the last things I ever expected to sell: 3 skeins of Paton's Mosaic in Bottle Green. But hey! It's a start! I also listed 4 things on Destash, just to see if I get any bites there. Nothing yet. I actually have sold 1 or 2 things on Destash, so people do look there.

I also broke down and got some blocking mats for myself from KnitPicks. Since I seem to veer towards knitting gifts lately, I figured it might be nice to have them look a good as possible! And...I got this sock yarn. Oh boy, is it beautiful.

Stroll in the Tea Party colorway:


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Stashing

Last night I put 2 more groups of yarn colors on my Ravelry page: purples and blacks. Man, I have a lot of purple-ish yarn. Tonight I might try to do grays and ivory/white. I have an assload of gray too, I'm sure.

In other news, I decided to knit a newsboy hat. I've been wanting to knit one for a while now and haven't been able to find a decent enough pattern that doesn't require cutting and inserting a piece of plastic in the peak. I finally found this free pattern from Coats & Clark. Unfortunately the pattern calls for crappy Red Heart Zoomy yarn. Blargh. The main problem I have with this yarn is that it comes only in pastel-ish colors. When I think newsboy hat, I don't think pastel. I think brown tweed, army green, denim blue, or charcoal gray, etc.

So I set out to find comparable yarn to use. Gotta love etsy. I found this 100% wool bulky weight yarn in a deep indigo color from Cordova Studios.

I cast on last night and I can tell it's going to be a really quick knit. I'm liking the way it's turning out. My only concern is that the dye is so deep and inky on the yarn that it tinged my fingers blue while knitting with it. I just hope that when it's done, it doesn't dye my forehead blue! But, we'll see!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hey folks! So I finally am getting around to updating my stash information on Ravelry. Took me long enough, I know!

So, I am photographing and cataloging in the order that I have the yarn in my wall-o-yarn shelf --- by color. So far I've done:


Now, I also have some random yarn in bags or what-not hanging around and decided to do some of those as well. Just what I could grab nearby.

Which means that I'm about 1/3 of the way done. I need to do this on the weekends when there is nice light coming into the yarn room. At night it might be harder. I really want this to get DONE, but I don't want to rush it either.

I have left to do:

Go over and check it out when you get a chance! I have some stuff listed for trade/sell. I might look into another place to try to unload this stuff. But we'll give it a little time on Ravelry and see if I get any bites.

I'm spent. LOL