Thursday, April 26, 2007

Caption The Cat: #1

I'd like to introduce a new, fun feature here on my blog called: Caption the Cat. So here's the first picture eagerly awaiting your witty captions:

Caption the Cat

I'll start:

"Yeah, go ahead and leave that tribute of gold and jewels over there with the rest of that crap."

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wild Yarn!

OH MY DOG, Look at this yarn!

I took a picture of the yarn on my laptop, just so you can see the scale of the skein. It's HUGE! While buying more yarn for myself, thus descending deeper into the insanity of increasing my already unwiedly yarn stash, I stumbled onto this yarn. It's called OnLine Linie 191, Maxima. Well at the online store where I saw this yarn, it was sold out in this colorway. This is $19.99-a-skein yarn and the web store where I saw it had it 50% off at $9.99. I did some poking around and leave it to good 'ol Ebay, somebody had one skein of it. I got it for $8.00!

According to the description on the webstore, you can make a scarf with just one skein! So I am going to make a scarf for my mom in that loopy pattern with this yarn. See this post for the loopy scarf I made with "God's Chest Hair" yarn. I think this link to the pattern still works. Anyway, I think she'll adore it. She loves leopard and animal prints in general.

100 Ways To Tell If You Are From Philly

  1. You realize that your favorite dessert is wooder ice. (It comes in churry, strawburry, and other assorted flavors.)
  2. Your favorite is lemon.
  3. You find yourself using "Yo" and "Youse guys" when talking long distance to family members.
  4. You know how to spell Schuylkill.
  5. You think $2,500 for insurance on a '79 Toyota is a bargain.
  6. You find yourself at a nice restaurant thinking, "This would only be three bucks at a truck."
  7. You can sleep soundly through gunshots and sirens in the neighborhood.
  8. You visit New York and notice how clean it is.
  9. You believe that the car on your side, flashing its turn signal, wants you to close the gap with the car in front.
  10. You can't eat fries without Cheeze Whiz.
  11. You find street people greet you by first name.
  12. You don't think Wawa sounds funny.
  13. You snub a cheesesteak that isn't on an Amoroso roll.
  14. Your parents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles all live on the same block.
  15. You love scrapple for breakfast.
  16. You took a vacation at the shore (and liked it).
  17. You know where to find the Rocky statue.
  18. Only tourists go to Geno’s and Pat's for an authentic cheesesteak. The only time you go there is when you are blitzed and it's 2:00 AM.
  19. You buy soft pretzels at a traffic light.
  20. You call your sidewalk “the pavement.”
  21. You've never referred to Philadelphia as anything but "Philly." And New Jersey has always been "Jersey."
  22. You refer to Pennsylvania as "PA" (pronounced Pee-ay).
  23. You know who "Punxsutawney Phil" is, and what it means if he sees his shadow.
  24. You can't go to a wedding without hearing the "Chicken Dance," at least 1 Polka, and either an Italian song (sung in Italian,) or "Hava Nagila."
  25. At least 5 people on your block have electric "candles" in all or most of their windows all year long.
  26. You know what a "State Store" is, and your out-of-state friends find it incredulous that you can't purchase liquor at the mini-mart.
  27. You don’t even have mini-marts.
  28. You buy your beer and soda only by the case.
  29. You own only three condiments "salt, pepper, and Heinz ketchup.”
  30. Words like "hoagie," "crick," "chipped ham," "sticky buns," "shoo-fly pie," "pierogies," and "pocketbook," actually mean something to you.
  31. You can eat cold pizza (even for breakfast) and know others who do the same. (Those from NY find this "barbaric".)
  32. You not only have heard of Birch Beer, but you know it comes in several colors: Red, White, Brown, Gold.
  33. You can eat a cold soft pretzel from a street vendor without fear and enjoy it.
  34. A cab ride is cheaper than taking Septa.
  35. You know the difference between a cheese steak & a pizza steak sandwich and know that you can't get a really good one outside of Philly.
  36. You know that Blue Ball, Intercourse, Climax, Bird-in-Hand, Beaver, Moon, Virginville, Paradise, Mars, and Slippery Rock are PA towns.
  37. You know what a township, borough, and commonwealth is.
  38. You can identify drivers from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, or other neighboring states by their unique and irritating driving habits.
  39. A traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a horse-drawn carriage on the highway in Lancaster County.
  40. You know several people who have hit deer more than once.
  41. You carry jumper cables in your car and your female passengers know how to use them.
  42. You still keep kitty litter, starting fluid, de-icer, or a snow brush in your trunk, even if you live in the south.
  43. Driving is always better in winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
  44. You have the pizza place on speed dial.
  45. As a kid you built snow forts that were taller than you were.
  46. Your graduating class consisted of mostly Polish, Irish, & Italian names.
  47. "You guys" and "yiz" is a perfectly acceptable reference to a group of men & women.
  48. You know how to respond to the question "Djeetyet?" (Didyoueatyet?)
  49. You know how to pronounce Bryn Mawr, Wilkes-Barre, Schuylkill, Bala Cynwyd, Passyunk, Conshohocken, and Monongahela.
  50. You know what a "Mummer" is, and are disappointed if you can't catch at least highlights of the parade.
  51. School closings due to snow take the radio stations a half an hour to finish, because just about every town outside Philly has its own school district.
  52. You or someone in your immediate family went to Temple.
  53. Your turkey has "filling," not "stuffing," and most certainly, NOT "dressing."
  54. You have an uncontrollable urge to buy bread, eggs, and milk when you hear the word "snow."
  55. You think a typical vacation is two weeks on the front step.
  56. You refer to something as "a whole nother," as in "That's a whole nother issue."
  57. The local paper covers National and international headlines on 1/4 page, but requires six pages for sports.
  58. You know the four seasons: Winter, Still Winter, Summer, and Construction.
  59. You knew Will Smith before he became famous.
  60. You think South Street is Philly's version of The Village.
  61. It drives you crazy when somebody calls sneakers "tennis shoes."
  62. You would "BOO" your own mom if she made a bad sports play.
  63. You don't call a cheesesteak a "Philly cheesesteak," or a "hoagie" a sub.
  64. Seeing the Liberty Bell, and Independence Mall ain't a big deal.
  65. You've never actually even been to the Liberty Bell, or the only time you were there was on a class trip in third grade.
  66. You will buy a soft pretzel from anyone, anywhere, without even thinking of where it was - or where his hands have been.
  67. You know what Power 99 is and remember Carter & Sanborne in the AM and you are an old-ass Philadelphian if you remember Stanley T.
  68. You know how to cheat SEPTA.
  69. You ever ordered shrimp-fried rice, 3 chicken wings, a pizza roll and home-made iced tea all from the same place.
  70. You’re familiar with double and triple parking.
  71. You know what a "Jawn" is.
  72. You refer to the baseball stadium as “The Vet,” yes even the new one.
  73. You used to go to the Gallery or South Street in the summer just to chill.
  74. You know what “bo-bos” are and the song about them that you sung in 6th grade.
  75. You got a Chinese-food joint on the corner of your block.
  76. You grew up jumping rope (double dutch), playing “wall ball,” Red Light Green Light, jailbreak, or playin' ball on milk crates.
  77. You know where the "Platt" is.
  78. The “Mister Softee” truck comes around at 3:00 AM.
  79. You end every sentence with, "You know" at least 2 times.
  80. You want olive oil, not mayonnaise on your hoagie.
  81. You hate the Redskins & Cowboys.
  82. You say ACME like "ACK-A-ME."
  83. You call the sprinkles on top of your ice cream "jimmies."
  84. You know who Jim O`Brien is and how he died.
  85. You can't have lunch without a Tastycake.
  86. You still ain't sure about Jerry Penacolli.
  87. A vacation at the Jersey shore (Down-a-shoore) is better than going to the Bahamas cause there's more shit to do and you know everybody there.
  88. You know what and where "Boathouse Row" is.
  89. You know that M.O.V.E. ain't a new kind of dance.
  90. You have a plan B, C, and D as soon as SEPTA threatens to go on strike, AGAIN.
  91. You can make a cheesesteak and you've never been taught.
  92. You know what “The El” is.
  93. You love Jerry Blavat even if you really don't.
  94. You know about Sarcone's bakery.
  95. You call the Italian Market "9th Street.”
  96. You remember the ORIGINAL Bookbinders.
  97. You remember Lit Brothers, Bonwit Teller, Gimbels, and Wanamaker’s.
  98. You still call it Delaware Avenue.
  99. You actually dig these jokes.
  100. John DiBella is back on the radio again???
I can identify with a great many of these! How about youse guys? ;-)

Monday, April 23, 2007


This was cool to do. Thanks, Marsha!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Movie Meme

I saw this on another random blog somewhere and I am totally stealing it.

My Movie Meme

1. Name a movie you have seen more than 10 times.
Clue. SHUT UP!

2. Name a movie you've seen multiple times in the theater.
Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring

3. Name an actor/actress that would make you more inclined to see a movie.
Hmmm…there are a lot:
Gary Oldman
Will Ferrell
Brendan Fraser
Harrison Ford (even though he’s like eleventy)
Bill Murray
Rachel Weisz
I was going to say Matthew Fox, ‘cause he’s hotter than 1000 suns, but even I wouldn’t go see that craptastic We Are Marshall just for him.
Timothy Dalton
And for you, Todd…Hugh Jackman ;-) (Despite Van Helsing)

4. Name an actor/actress that would make you less likely to see a movie.
Winona Ryder
Tom Cruise
Harvey Keitel
Ice T
Ice Cube
Ben Affleck
John Travolta

5. Name a movie than you can and do quote from.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. “Let’s leave under the cover of noon in the biggest car in the county.”

6. Name a movie musical that you know all of the lyrics to all of the songs.
Well I don’t know if this is strictly a musical, but Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The GOOD one, the REAL one, the one with the ONLY PERSON EVER WHO COULD BE WILLY WONKA: Gene Wilder. Interesting note, this movie was released on the very day my husband was born, June 30, 1971. How odd.

7. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

8. Name a movie you would recommend everyone see.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
. Because it’s just too funny and just so well written. My Neighbor Totoro, because it’s a lovely, endearing film. Anything by Mel Brooks.

9. Name a movie that you own.
Name a movie? Only one? Jeez…Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops.
GAH! Um…David Bowie.

11. Have you ever seen a movie at a drive-in? If so, what?
Nope! Dude, I'm from South Philly; we don't have drive-ins, yo!

12. Ever made out in a movie?

13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Romeo and Juliet
(the one with Leonardo DiCaprio)

14. Ever walked out on a movie?
YES! I walked out of My Demon Valentine.

15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater.
Oh Jeebus, there are so many. I cried during Fellowship of the Ring, A LOT. I think the
hardest I have ever cried was during Toy Story 2 when Jessie, the cowgirl doll, reminisces about the girl who owned her while Sarah McLachlan sings that song “When She Loved Me.” I STILL cry like totally uncontrollably whenever I see that part.

16. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Blades of Glory. Side-splitting hilarious.

17. What is your favorite/preferred genre of movie?
I like most stupid funny movies. Think Airplane, and you pretty much have my taste in movies, well comedy anyway. Don’t do horror. And most drama leaves me flat.

18. What is your least favorite/preferred genre of movie?
Horror, hands down. Gangster/mob movies run a close second.

19. What is the first movie you remember seeing in the theater?
I’m pretty sure it was Star Wars.

20. What movie do you wish you'd never seen?
Eyes Wide Shut
. Stupid, pretentious, boring crap. The Passion of the Christ, which should have been called Mel Gibson’s Drunken Orgy of Gore 2004.

21. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed?
Weirdest, eh? Constantine? Maybe. Is that weird enough? I mostly enjoyed Brazil, and that one's pretty weird.

22. What is the scariest movie you have seen?
The Ring.
Oh my God, y’all; couldn’t be alone in a room with a TV for a week. This is why I don’t do horror movies.

23. What is the funniest movie you have seen?
Whoa this is hard. Hmmm…it’s a three-way toss-up:
Office Space
South Park the Movie

24. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
Oy. I've seen a lot of bad ones, unfortunately. Again, a three-way toss-up:
Eyes Wide Shut
Rob Roy
Battlefield Earth

25. Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it was good for other reasons?
Yes, Royal Deceit. Hilarious times infinity. And pretty much every movie with Jean Claude Van Damme in it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Got Something 'T Show Ya!

So, I mentioned on my SP9 and SP10 questionnaires that my maternal grandmother (her name was Adeline) used to knit & crochet. She preferred crochet. She was absolutely a master. I can remember many an afghan, sweater, hat, table runner, tablecloth, etc. that came forth from her loving, talented hands. The closest I ever got to learning to knit or crochet from my grandmother was when I'd help her wind up skeins into balls when I was a kid. I always wanted to learn, but it looked so hard. Then, you know how it is, other stuff got in the way: like the perils of growing up, going to school, your first job, college, that boy in your drawing class that you were bat-shit crazy over and for about 3 years you were sick to your stomach every freakin' day that you had class and your mind went absolutely numb and you couldn't think of anything else but the conjured up life that you imagined in your head that you two would eventually have together in the countryside somewhere raising Corgis and being all artsy and idyllic together and then you wrote him this pathetic, sappy note proclaiming your undying love for him and he never even responded to it because, hey, really now, what the hell is he supposed to say to that kind of insanity; you know that now, but then it seemed like a smashing idea, and because he was a fairly decent, if stoic, guy he forgot all about that crazy-ass letter and still managed to remain somewhat awkward friends (it was YOUR fault, missy) with you anyway and you never spoke of it again even though you secretly pined away and died a little every time you sat with him at lunch and ate Chik-fil-A waffle fries at the cafeteria and you would wonder why the crap he even came over with his tray, wanting to sit there with you after all the crazy shit that went down, what did this mean, is he that lame that he doesn't comprehend the breadth and severity of your feelings for him, why won't he just tell you what's going on with him?!

Wait, what the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah, crochet, and learning, and all of that. OK.

So I never learned any of the "fiber arts" until much later. When my dear grandmother passed away, my mom gave me many things that belonged to my grandmother. One item is a tablecloth she crocheted. It's mind-blowingly intricate. My dumb words can't even explain what it's like so here are a couple of pictures:

This was crocheted by a woman who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis from age 59. She was truly amazing. See that purplish box with the picture of Elvis on it? That was also hers. She adored Elvis. It was her little sewing box. And she was an amazing seamstress. Her dad was a tailor, so she learned from the best at a VERY young age.

I can only hope to achieve an iota of what she was able to do in crochet, knitting, and sewing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SP10 Second Contest!

So my SP 10 hostess has announced a second contest: Post a picture of our yarn stash! Well here's mine, newly stored in this bookcase thingie I got from Ikea:

And also, I need to add more yarn to it. Yeah. Well, see, I had issued a self-imposed yarn moratorium back in January. Well, I am off the moratorium in a big way, people. I just bought craploads of yarn from and Smiley's Yarns.

In other knitting news:

Having successfully finished the gusset, I am ready for my heel lesson on my socks! Well, "sock." I am still knitting up to the gusset on the other sock. But I'm getting there!

I have started knitting the "Heartbreakingly cute kimono" from Mason Dixon Knitting. It's for my sister's baby, of course. I got the yarn from Smiley's. Really nice yarn made in France called Filatura Lanarota Circus. It's 85% cotton and 15% acrylic. I'm using the bordeaux colorway. A pleasure to knit with because of that little bit of acrylic in it. Sometimes knitting with 100% cotton yarn can be so tiresome for my hands. It dries them out too. URK. Smiley's has it for $1.50 a skein too! SWEET!

Also, I think I am going to knit up one of those cool market bags for my Secret Pal. I think she'd enjoy it! They are so easy and fast to knit too. I can knit one in about a weekend's time. Which is good for me, as I am a SLOW knitter. I just hope I can squeeze it in among all the other projects I have going!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Augered Into My Thigh and Other Atrocities and Annoyances

J'ever have a stretch of a about a week's time where you just wonder how you haven't yet managed to accidentally remove your own head from your body? Yeah. Well, that's me.

I have had the most bizarre few days as of late.

First of all: the weather. WTF? Excuse me, Mother Nature? Yeah, hey, I've been operating under the assumption that Spring had actually arrived about 3 weeks ago on March 21. Yes? Why, then, when starting my car in the morning, does the temperature gauge on my rear-view mirror warn me that "ICE" is present outside? Hmmm? And why, pray tell, is it 40 degrees outside in the middle of the afternoon on April 9? Can you like work on that a little? Just 10-15 degrees is all I ask, really. K? Thx!

Second: Yes, I did auger into my thigh. Todd and I were putting up towel racks and hooks in all the bathrooms (FINALLY) on Saturday. Well in order to properly "install" the one towel rack, I needed to use an anchor in the drywall. Fair enough. So I had to change the drill bit. Ok, short story: The house we just moved from in Philly, was sold to us by an elderly lady whose husband (long deceased), was a carpenter. She left us all his tools. Which was super nice. Some of the tools, however, maybe should be given to a museum. One such item is the drill. It's made of metal, probably steel. It weighs about 649 pounds...ok, 7. And it's very old fashioned. No safety mechanism on it whatsoever. Come on! This thing HAS to be from the late 40s, early 50s. Well, I had a little skinny drill bit in there, probably something like 3/64ths. Anyway, trying to change it is easy enough, but unwieldy. Well, the weightiness of the drill combined with my Saturday morning agility (think agility -20) caused me to lose my grip on the damn thing. It swung out of my hands, and arced down into my left thigh. Yeah. Made about a 1/8-inch deep (at least) puncture wound there. Ah, the beautiful colors of a bruise....

Third: Dear

If you even try to get away with sending me that book for my secret pal on freakin' MAY 27TH, I will hunt you down. You understand me? Capisce? M.A.Y. 2.7.T.H = NO. I ordered it on April 3.



Fourth: My cats. After a $335 emergency vet bill, we learned that Luna somehow managed to sprain her ACL in her right back knee. (At first they thought she TORE it!) The vet told us that this is a "football injury" and is very common among athletes. Uh huh. So I've nicknamed Luna "John Elway." She seems to be doing better, which is a good thing because if she didn't improve it meant an $1800 surgery. The vet gave us meds for her that we give her twice a day. She takes them well, unlike Luna's polar opposite with regard to medicine, Sophie. And lucky ME, Sophie is sick again. Respiratory infection nonsense. There are no words to describe how insanely difficult it is to get any kind of medication into Sophie.'s...impossible. I mean I've had Todd put her in a headlock and I've done a quarter Nelson on her and still need the jaws of life and a couple of locksmiths to pry her mouth open. This is while she is trying to claw us to bloody pulps, too. Sigh.

Fifth: Work! Aside from the usual oddities and frustrations, I arrived at work to day to find a rather cryptic email from one of the professors in my department. This professor --- an aging, half-deaf, Korean man --- is notorious for sending bizarre, somewhat nonsensical correspondence over e-mail, usually to the department secretary. Well, today was my turn. Here it is:




Yes. That's it. No, no abridging or editing took place. That is the entire e-mail. Dear friends, it took every ounce of restraint in my body not to write back: "For what? Dinner?" Or: "Yeah, I'm dilated 9 centimeters; it should be any minute now...."

Sixth: World of Warcraft. I love it. There's no changing that. WARNING: I am about to discuss some geeky, RP, online-gaming stuff. Ok? One of my characters joined a guild. I am really enjoying being in said guild. BUT...there is this one guild member that just drives me bat-shit crazy. The best way to explain this is to just post the IM conversation I had with Nicole about this. I've removed or changed names, and I tried to clean up our sailor-mouth swearing a little, so take that as a warning too :

me: ok I am going to rant for second here about WOW and my guild
nicole: LOL ok
me: if that's ok
nicole: go for it, dude!
me: ok
nicole: LOL
One of my characters, my "main," is in a guild.
nice guild. I like it there.
there is this one guild member named XXXXXX that drives me f'n nuts
I can't explain it but she makes me BONKERS.
I'm assuming it's a she; the character is a female night-elf something-or-other.
Like every f'n time she has to go away from her computer, instead of putting up an /afk
nicole: she poops in the house?
me: she has to tell you what she's doing
So it's like "Phone call, brb!"
nicole: "i'm going to go feed my cats, and then poop a little, and then do some other crapzoid!"
me: "Visitors! BRB" LMFAOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
nicole: "putting on a tutu and dancing with Leslie Neilson! brb!"
me: "Oops nature calls! BRB!"
THEN she's like "ok I'm back!" when she comes back
and I'm like OH GOODIE!!!
me: Then one time I was in the Un'Goro Crater with Todd's character
and she was there
and sees me
nicole: and you were like noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
me: and says "What are you working on? You need any help?"
And I told her what I was doing (A quest called "Chasing A-Me", which involves rescuing a mechanical gorilla in a cave with other mean-ass douchebag gorillas around it)
nicole: LMFAO WTF
I am so blogging this convo
So she goes "Oh I can totally help you! Meet you at the cave!"
So I invite her to our group and we get to the cave
nicole: LOL "i'm blogging this!"
and she's like BRB MONKEY POO!
me: LMFAO I go in there with Todd and we kill like 2 angry douche gorillas
and she goes "Oh I have to go do some stuff for this other quest, you all will be ok right?"
And we were like "Um...I guess so?"
nicole: why the frack did she offer to help????
nicole: what a whore!
me: Poor Todd died like 4 times
nicole: OMG kick her in the tooth
me: Then the other night---ok first of all
I am a hunter, I am a Dwarf, so I use guns
and there are these things you can attach to your guns (and bows, I think) that increase damage, called scopes
so I bought a sweet-ass, level 59 gun on the auction house
and I wanted the top-of-the-line scope for it.
It's an Adamantite Scope.
to buy one outright from the auction house is 35 f'ing gold .
the gun only cost me 9 or 10 gold
so I was like NO WAY
nicole: JEEZ that's ridiculous!
me: SO i looked up what materials are needed to make the scope
And I bought the materials instead. Total was about 12 gold
nicole: "first ingredient: annoying girl. woo i know one!"
me: LOL Well I can't make the thing. You have to be an engineer, which I don't have as a profession.
nicole: shit!
me: and you have to be a very advanced engineer anyway.
So I ask in guildchat:
"Hey folks! Can anyone make me an Adamantite Scope? I have the mats."
Like 2 seconds later she goes
"I can't!"
me: I wanted to f'n log off, log on as one of my Horde characters, go to wherever she was, and go PVP on her ass.

Hope you are not bleeding from the eyes after that tirade of vitriol. It was worse, believe me!

Finally: I hate the USPS. Can you please stay open past 6:00pm? PLEASE? My poor secret pal's package is still sitting in my dining room because I can't get to the post office when it's open, which is for like 1.25 hours a day and only 2 days a week.

What IS right with me???

Friday, April 06, 2007

Do Yourself a Favor

And buy this flavor gum:


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday Night Knitting Club

Last night was my monthly "First Tuesday of the Month Knitting Group." I missed March's because I was just so utterly overwhelmed with the move. We met at the usual Starbucks on Rte. 100 in Exton. We had a small group there; smaller than usual. But it was a great time. Mandy, the "coffee master" was there and gave us another coffee tasting. I absolutely love when Mandy is there and treats us to a coffee tasting! We received these little coffee booklets called "passports." And we get stamps to put in them based on the coffees we try out from around the world. It's just so neat.

And I finally had one of my socks ready for the gusset lesson! I hope that I can get knitting on my other sock to get it to the same point. I don't want to move too far ahead on one sock then forget what to do for the other! Which, seeing that it's ME we're talking about here, is entirely plausible!

I can't believe it's April already! I really need to get crackin' on the baby items for my sister. August 23 (her due date) will be here before I even realize it! I'm just so happy that I finally have a somewhat valid reason to knit this:

And I still can't find my hair comb! It will be 4 weeks on Saturday! Yes, your assumption is correct: I, in fact, have NOT combed my hair in nearly a looks it too. D'oh!