Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Felted Mouse Update

Ok, so I did hand-felt the mice last night. (Finally!) I had to hand-felt them because I have a new-fangled, front-loading washing machine that will not agitate the wool enough for proper felting. I just used my kitchen sink as a big washtub. Whew! Felting is hard, sweaty work! Ha ha. But I think they came out alright! Here's a post-felting picture of the 6 mice drying on the counter:

So I let them dry for a bit. I wanted to completely finish at least one to put up on the blog today. I grabbed the lighter-bluish one (far top right). I ran around the house looking for something to stuff it with. I did NOT feel like going out in the rain to AC Moore or Wal*Mart to buy a $2 bag of polyester pillow stuffing. So I disemboweled a throw pillow that I didn't like and used its stuffing. From that one pillow---and it was a fairly small one--- have enough polyester stuffing to make about 200 of these mice, maybe even more.

I also did find some catnip to use. Dan, a friend of my husband's, gave us this pretty nice catnip- filled wine bottle, with a cork stopper. It says Chez Chats on it. And because the catnip is in a glass bottle, with a stopper on it, it is always fresh and potent. In fact, he must have given that bottle to us about 5 years ago. When I opened it, aahh---catnip-a-licious. Titus thought so too.

So I filled the little mouse up (forgot to put a bell in, oh well). I added the tail and embroidered the eyes and nose. Ophelia was sitting with her nose up-against my hands as I was sewing the mouse up, eyes wide with anticipation. I finished it. I put it on my laptop. I turned for 2.3 seconds to get the camera. Ophelia already had it in her jaws and ran off the table with it!

But anyway, here's the first completely-done felted mouse:I think I over-stuffed this little guy a bit, but it still looks cute anyway!

Then the battle for mouse control began...

...and ended with Titus winning by TKO in the 3rd round.

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Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Those mice look awesome! I need to make some for my kitties!