Monday, August 28, 2006

The Velvet Mafia

Well first off let me introduce you to my four furry, feline children, or as my husband Todd refers to them, "The velvet Mafia."

This is Sophie. She's our oldest at age 10. Sophie is a sweet cat and for a long time she enjoyed the privilege of being the only cat in our house. As with all our cats, Sophie was once a homeless stray. I believe very strongly in adopting homeless pets. My sister and her family actually adopted Sophie in November 1997. Sophie joined their family which had another cat already there named Claude. Claude did NOT like Sophie and was very mean to her. So Todd and I adopted her in October 2000. Anyway, now Sophie is --- ahem--- living large, so-to-speak, weighing in at about 18 pounds. I am actually VERY proud of Sophie because she used to tip the scales at around 22 pounds! She's my pretty one!

This is Hercules. Herc just turned 2 on July 1. He can be a handful, but he is probably the most lovable cat on the planet. Todd found Herc outside one bitterly cold, sub-freezing January morning in 2005. He was about 6 months old. Poor thing. We HAD to take him in. Hercules is a poor eater; he prefers drinking water from our bathroom sink. He actually really has taken to the bathroom sink; we find him in there practically every morning. He also likes to lay in-between Todd and I in our bed at night. One of his most favorite things in the world is the laser pointer. Hercules also likes to bug Sophie. Then she puts the smack-down on him and he wonders why....

This is Titus ---the cat of 1000 nicknames. Such as: Squinty, Titus McSquintleface, Sean Connery, Fuzzimus, Mr. T., Football Head, and Tituclees to name a few. He is probably our cutest cat. He really has the most adorable face and very interesting fur markings. It's a good thing too because he's BAD. He loves to chew on our mail and any packages we get. Often, we notice that our mail has "the Titus seal of approval," which means that it looks like Dracula got to our mail before we did. He also likes popcorn and the plastic bottle-cap wraps that you get from bottles of Snapple. If you so much as pick up a bottle of Snapple, he'll come from wherever he is and stand there, waiting for you to open it up and give him the plastic seal. We got Titus from PACCA in February 2005 to keep Hercules company and away from Sophie. He'll be 2 in November.

And last but not least, this is Ophelia, or Fi Fi for short. She just turned 1 in April. We noticed her on the way to work one morning in May of 2005; she was a just little gray puff. In fact, I had mistaken her for a dirty pair of lost rolled-up tube socks! Then the socks looked up at me! We couldn't spare the time to stop and get her in the morning. So we went after work to look for her. We were very doubtful that we would find her. But Todd spotted her in the parking lot of a firehouse. She was difficult to "capture," but thankfully, we finally did. We took her to our vet and she weighed less than a pound! We had to keep her separated from the rest of the cats for a few weeks because she was not old enough to be tested for those nasty feline diseases. Once she got a clean bill of health, we let them all interact. Now she is a vibrant, playful cutie who loves attention.

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