Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lost: Season Three, Oh Please Don't Suck, I'm Begging You

I don't watch much television, despite the 42" glowing box that occupies a large portion of my living room. When I do turn it on, it's usually to play Katamari Damacy or to watch one of my DVDs. If I actually scan the cable channels, I end up watching cooking shows, the BBC America channel, Spongebob Squarepants, or the G4 video-game channel. However, there is one prime-time show on a national network that I watch regularly. Lost.

I'm not going to go on and on about Lost. There are plenty of psychotically-addicted fans of the show that will expound in great minutia on the idiosyncrasies, inconsistencies, and 450,000 possible theories.

I will say that season one was nothing short of brilliant. The pilot episode alone was such sublime genius like I had never seen on television before, or since. Really, fantastic. Nearly every episode is a memorable one. Indeed, I can probably tell you what happened in every episode in some detail. I'll just give you a brief example of what I'm talking about. It's brief, I promise! In one of the episodes, a character (I won't say who just in case someone reads this who hasn't seen the show and wants to) is choked, pretty much to death, by hanging. The doctor, Jack, accompanied by another character, Kate, find this person hanging from a tree. They take the character down. Dead. Jack administers CPR. No luck. It's pouring rain, getting dark, and these people are in a very dangerous situation. Jack refuses to give up. He basically beats the living crap out of the corpse in an attempt to bring the person back. It's totally unreasonable for a doctor to behave this way, and Kate is looking on in absolute horror, wailing and trying to bring Jack away from the body. It was insane, intense, creepy, and wonderful. And I, myself, was practically sobbing while watching it. It reminded me (a little) of that scene in The Abyss when Ed Harris smacks the shit out of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.... There are many moments like this in Lost: season one.

Season two? Mmm, not so much. In fact, I can barely remember anything that happened. A couple of interesting characters were introduced, like Desmond and Mr. Echo. And it had a couple of good moments, but certainly not anything close to the sheer magnificence of season one.

Season three premiers tonight. Dear GOD, please don't let it be like season two, or--- GASP---worse. I can't deal with investing an hour a week on another season like the last one. No way. I don't care how hot Matthew Fox is. I just won't do it. Hmmm...well...he IS pretty freakin' hot, though....

Have a gander at this article that my husband forwarded to me today. I agree with every point on it, except for portions of point #9. I don't really need to see the characters getting it on. And we HAVE seen that anyway in the past on the show. But anyway, go read it now. The end.


Marsha said...

So...would you say the season premiere sucked?

After being disappointed with most of last season's episodes, I've decided not to watch it this year. I still want to know what happens, but I don't want to wade through nine million commercials every five minutes (ugh) just to find out. Thank goodness for Wikipedia and Television Without Pity! :)

Gina said...

Greetings from NC.

Actually, I thought it wasn't bad. There is MORE that I wanted to see. But overall, I think it might be heading in an interesting direction.