Monday, October 16, 2006

More Work for Mother...

Sigh...look what Hercules learned to do:

And what's even worse? Look who was very intently watching him do it:

That's right, Sean "McSquinty Head" Connery (Titus). And you know they learn the BAD habits from each other. Never the good ones. Wait, actually, mine don't even have any good habits. I just know I am going to come home from work one day and find them both up there wrestling for the position of King of the Refrigerator. Kind of like Highlander.

"THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! ...Cat on top of the refrigerator."

Oh yeah, and? Herc decided that it was his civic duty as a cat to try to destroy every magnet I have on there:

It's a big fridge. I have a lot of magnets. He's doing a real good job, though...already broke 2. Thanks, Herc!


Marsha said...

If you want to keep your cats off of particular surfaces (like the top of the fridge), put some plastic wrap or some other sort of crinkly plastic stuff up there. Most cats hate the feel of that stuff! It's worked for us to keep our cats off the living-room furniture.

Gina said...

I should try it! I don't care as much about the refrigerator as I do about the living room furniture. Herc and Fi Fi LOVE to claw at it.