Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let The Moratorium Begin

Aside from the yarn that I had planned to buy to make my newly-pregnant sister some baby items, I am now beginning a self-imposed moratorium on yarn purchasing.

Yes, I mean it.

I know. Right now you are all reading this with the expression: "Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?" on your faces.

Actually, I am pretty much imposing a moratorium on ALL extraneous purchases, save one: a Warcraft t-shirt that I made up yesterday on Cafe Press. Oh and, as previously mentioned, the yarn I need to complete the baby knitting projects for my sister.

Why, you may well ask?

Well, Todd and I have begun actively looking to move. We have our realtor in Philadelphia coming over Thursday evening to assess the house. Last night we looked at a few properties with our realtor in Delaware, mostly in the Claymont and North Wilmington areas. Well...I think we found THE house. You know the one. The house that you don't want to leave and the realtor has to drag you out of. The house that you wish you had brought your tape measure to so that you can begin buying carpets and window treatments. The house in which you can immediately visualize every piece of furniture you own. Oh yeah. This was that house.

I won't go into the amazing details of the house, for fear that all who read this will want to move there too, thus a bidding war will begin. I can't have that. :-P Just suffice it to say that it has everything we want in a new house and then add 100% more.

We are going to look at it again on Sunday afternoon, so we can see it and the neighborhood in the daytime. Although, I am already 99.99999999999999999999999% sold on it.

Please, dear readers, do me a favor and appeal to whatever (if any) higher being that you believe in that this house --- THE house --- does not get pulled out from under us by someone else.

Thank you.


Katie J said...

Oh yarn mistress, we will miss the vicarious yarn purchase, but we understand the need to stop for a while. Congrats on the possible house. Will cross fingers and send good vibes your way. (But will cross one less finger if you say you can't come to the knitting group!)

Um, Hubby wants the link to the Warcraft shirt.

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2nd Word verification: ajcsuc
Pronunciation: adjecsuck
Definition: Adjective for describing things that suck.
Sample sentence: Word verifications ajcsuc.

(I also have word verification on my blog, so I am in no way dissing you.)

Gina said...

LOL. Here is the link. I designed the shirt myself!


It says:

"Look, elf, take it to Whoreshire."

Mike will TOTALLY know....

Gina said...

Oh and I will definitely be able to continue coming to the knitting get togethers!

So cross everything! :-P