Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eternally Grateful, Secret Pal

I had a pretty good, if long, week last week. We had plumbing repaired, got a new car, and it was my birthday on Wednesday. To top off the week, a package arrived yesterday from my Secret Pal containing the goodies listed below:

A book: The Curse of Chalion; 2 "Rifftrax" audio CDs for Star Wars Ep. 1, The Phantom Menace and the instructions; a 3-pack of Mighty Leaf tea; Botan Rice Candy (which I am eating right now); a jar of Devon cream and strawberry conserve; lace-weight, 100% Merino-wool yarn, cloisonne stitch markers; a pattern for a "Hanami" lace stole. Little pink flowers were strewn about the box, representing cherry blossoms.

To detail some of the items in the box: first of all, that yarn: it's so buttery soft and the color is just divine. In fact, the colorway is called "cherry blossom." If you click on the picture above, you will get a larger view of the "Hanami" stole. Hanami is the term for the Japanese annual ritual of viewing cherry blossoms (sakura). This stole is absolutely gorgeous. I can only hope that I do it justice with my knitting! The yarn is pictured in close-up below. And just look at the lovely little cloisonne stitch-markers!

Quite possibly, and not surprisingly, my most favorite item in the box has to be the Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Rifftrax CDs. I must be living in a cave or something because I didn't even know this existed. What is it? Ok well, as everyone knows, Mystery Science Theater 3000 was my most favorite TV show ever. It went off the air a few years ago, much to my chagrin. Well, that hasn't stopped Mike Nelson (and often Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett) from giving movies the "MST3K treatment." Enter Rifftrax. This, my friends, is Mike's and Kevin's recorded commentary on Star Wars, Episode 1, on CD, which you play in tandem with the movie. So you get to watch the crapulence of the movie, while hearing Mike and Kevin laying down hilarious, timely riffs on the movie. Yes. Yes. I know. It's ok, I can wait while you go change your underwear....Ok all better? Needless to say, Todd and I watched the movie with this Rifftrax last night and I pretty near broke something internally from laughing so hard. Most excellent. I've visited their website and there WILL be more of these Rifftrax in my "not-too-distant future."

This morning, after I complete this post, I will make myself some Italian toast with the strawberry conserve and serve myself a cup of the Mighty Leaf tea, which is the best tea I've ever had. Seriously. I've had it before, and it is fantastic. I think I'll try the Orange Dulce....

So thank you, thank you, dear Secret Pal for such a wonderful box of treats!


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Oh. My. Dog.

I am so borrowing that disc from you!

What a great package of goodies! I'm looking forward to seeing how that lace stole turns out.

Beth said...

What a lovely package! I can't share your enthusiasm in that disc, but that yarn - drool!