Friday, May 04, 2007

I Love My Knitting Friends

Actual segment of a g-mail conversation from my knitting google group:

Katie starts it off:
---Hey, I wondered if any of you have some light brown or tan yarn (preferably wool) to spare for a friend of mine. I checked my stash and am sorely lacking. She just needs enough to make a face on a small dark purple stuffed bear she's making for her daughter and since she's a new knitter (well, new again) she has no stash! I'll be there tonight if anyone has any to give.


from me:
---Come now, Katie, do you even need to ask? LOL I'll bring it tonight!


from Elizabeth:
Katie, I suspect you'll see twenty-seven-eleven different tans tonight, but in the unlikely event that no one has any -- let me know and I'll pop some in the mail. I'm assuming worsted weight?

from Marsha:
---Um, yeah, I'm looking for a wool yarn that was made in very limited supply two years ago from a species of sheep that has since become extinct. The yarn was hand-spun by Swedish nuns by the light of the aurora borealis, and was hand-dyed by Brazilian businessmen on their lunch break one Tuesday. The colorway is fuchsia, dark gray, and lime green, and the yarn is a worsted weight with color changes every two inches. Oh--and I need about five thousand yards of it. Anyone have some?

{Gina raises her hand}

Gina's stash has EVERYTHING in it. :)

Marsha Knits---

I laughed for about an hour....


Katie J said...

Yeah, our group does rock Gina. Thanks for the yarn. I can't wait to give her the 3 different kinds you gave to me!

Katie J said...

Ok, I have nothing to say except the word verification for this comment is "gurwumby". Weren't they an 80's group that sang about bad hair and wore neon shirts?