Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Almost Makes Me Want to Have One...

...but not quite. LOL

But still, too freakin' cute:

Look at her little feet! How adorable are baby feet, seriously? I could eat them up! Nom nom nom. Aubrey is six months old. She'll be seven months old on March 21. She's pretty big! I think she weighs 18 pounds or so.

In this picture, if you look at it up close, you can see her little teeth coming out on the bottom! She's such a good baby.

Now I will tell you all a horror story. Well, sort-of. It has a good ending.

So, a couple weekends ago I went to visit my sister for her birthday (which was March 1). On Sunday, we went out to do a bunch of shopping all over the place. You know how it is. You have to like make the rounds in 7 different stores to get all the stuff you need. It was a beautiful day in Wake Forest, NC. Probably mid-60s in temperature. My sister, who is accustomed to doing about 47 things at one time---she is way TYPE A---was simultaneously putting a jacket on the baby, and buckling her into the car seat carrier, putting her shoes on, getting her keys, writing out a list of stuff she had to get, talking to my brother-in-law about dinner, finding her glasses, and rattling off a list of things for my nephew Ethan to do. Ethan is 13. He looks like he's 18. But, rest assured, he IS 13. I don't have any kids, but even I know what boys are like at age 13. Silly, goofy things. I think Spongebob Squarepants said it best, "I'm a GOOFY GOOBER!" Yeah so, my sister, because she can't relax, lets his silliness grate on her nerves. So after an exasperating conversation with him while doing all those other things, she was finally ready to go. OK.

First stop: a baby-clothing store to try to find a little Easter hat for Aubrey. We get to the place and it's closed on Sunday. D'oh! Ok, onto Wal*Mart! Yaaay...oh no, wait. BOOO! We park. I grab a cart. My sister takes the baby in her carrier out of the car-seat base. She says, "These car-seat carriers are great because they lock into the top part of the shopping cart." Cool, I thought. The problem is, if you are as thin as my sister, lifting an 18-pound baby in a carrier up around chest-height is not as easy as all that. So she can't lift it high enough. Finally, with both hands, she hoists the carrier up, on an angle, to try to catch the edge of it with the cart. Aubrey comes tumbling out like a rag-doll and lands with a thud, right on the asphalt in the parking lot.


That's pretty much all that I could think of for a couple of seconds. I was in the best position to scoop her up off the ground, so I did, vigorously rubbing the back of her head. She cried. A lot.

What happened? In the furor of getting ready to leave the house, my sister forgot to buckle Aubrey into the carrier. And thus the hard lesson of not doing 47 things at one time was learned.

We walked around on rubbery legs with trembling hands in Wal*Mart for about a half hour like 2 zombies. We were both just so horrified and distraught that we couldn't even remember what the hell we were doing there. Aubrey fell asleep. We decided that it might be a good idea to put some food in our bellies before venturing onward. We ate at some pizza place. In the restaurant, Aubrey woke up, looked at my sister, and gave her this huge toothless smile. All was well. She ate, was playing with her feet, making her usual baby faces and noises, and was generally very happy.

But man, for that split second, seeing her hit the ground, I felt like I was going to DIE. We decided to take her home before going about the rest of our business. On the way back to the car, we noticed a bump on her head in the back towards her right side. It wasn't too terrible looking. In fact, it was gone within a few hours. Babies are awesome.

Here's a picture of her later that evening. She is so good-tempered that she allowed us to try on her Easter outfit. This is her in her big-girl tights and shoes, before we put the dress on her:

I'm just so relieved that she's ok. :-)


Katie J said...

Thank you so much for letting us know the story would end well. There were 2 times when I forgot to buckle Buttons and I thought I was going to die. If I get out of my routine, I mess up and I'm glad she's now old enough to tell me when I forget.

And Aubrey? Yes she is edible, like the most delicious custard ever. Oh sooo adorable!

Corinne said...

She is absolutely adorable and yes, she makes me want another one. Well, as you said: not quite!! I have been there and done that with one or maybe all of my sons. It is so horrifying as it is happens and then the stress and guilt hit. I am so happy to hear and see that she is great. My kids all survived, well they are a little crazy, but who knows they could have just inherited that from me! LOL!!

the nicole kline experience said...

"well it's ok, one time, my kid fell down the steps in the walker! it was a RIOT!"

going to wal-mart makes me never want to have kids!!