Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Am Angry

I am so angry, I can't even begin to express in words the depth of the emotion. Perhaps it will help to explain why I am angry.

This 2008 Presidential Election.

I am in AWE at the deplorable and despicable depths to which certain political parties will go in order to spread their lies and filth. Every day I see and hear more infuriating claims ---STAGGERING ACCUSATIONS --- about how evil and deceitful Barack Obama is. I am sick of it. I have never in all my 36 years on this planet --- ever--- witnessed such blatant, sickening slander against one person. From the day Obama received the Democratic nomination, McCain's campaign has never been one for McCain, but rather, AGAINST Obama.

You know at one time, I thought it could really be about issues. I did. I couldn't understand why certain people would support the right-wing, conservative opinions of the Republican party, but I could respect the fact that it was their choice to do so. But it's not about issues. It's about the Republican party capitalizing on rampant ignorance, hate, and lies.

I swear to CHRIST if I hear one more person call Obama the "Anti-Christ," "Un-American," or a "domestic terrorist" I am going to go ape-shit insane. You know who really IS a domestic terrorist? The worst one we've ever known? He's sitting in the oval office RIGHT NOW: George W. Bush. He has forced a populace to live in complete and irrational fear --- a state of terror --- since September 11, 2001. We even have a color-coded "Terror-Level" indicator, which is usually locked on orange (one step below "oh-fuck-we're-getting-bombed-right-now" red)! Remember the weapons-of-mass-destruction debacle? And why? Keep the sheep terrified of invisible wolves so that he can make it look like he's fighting the fight against the "enemy" and protecting us when there really is no threat --- all to advance his own political agenda. How's THAT for terrorism?

I suppose I have been entirely too naive to think that in America, in 2008, we've all advanced beyond ass-picking, idiotic, racist fucks. What am I talking about? Shit like this or this or this. Take your pick.

Still, I stand in amazement at Obama's calm, intelligent, rational responses to such vile accusations and lies. They bait him and he doesn't take it. They insult him, question his integrity (SNORT); he won't go there. He's too smart. He really is someone to admire. This is the man I want to be president.

And every racist retard prick who calls him a "Muslim Anti-Christ" should look at how well Obama turns the other cheek. Isn't this the most "Christian" response of all?

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Katie J said...

I'm angry too. However, right now I'm going for hope. When Obama wins, everyone will see the man he is. VOTE people!