Saturday, October 25, 2008


My husband just showed me the article on about the "Ten Worst Actors on TV today." This was the most bogus article ever. A few people on there I didn't even recognize. However, William Shatner was on there (I think he was 3rd), along with Gillian Anderson AND my man, Matthew Fox (ranked 10th, though). Ok. Didn't Shatner win a freakin' Emmy for his performance in Boston Legal? Am I imagining this? Is Gillian Anderson even ON TV anymore?

The reason they gave for Fox being a terrible actor? The character Jack on Lost is too "weepy." And that they don't understand why Jack seems to be the crux of the show and don't know why there are so many episodes about Jack and "close-up shots" of Jack. First of all, none of this has anything to do with his acting. You don't like the show's direction or the character? Fine. Don't call it bad acting. And also, oh really? You don't KNOW? Are you friggin' BLIND? Must have been a dude that wrote the article....

Because really, acting 'aint what it's about:



Corinne said...

LOL! It definitely must have been a guy who wrote the article, because he is hot no matter what he's saying!!

Gina said...

LOL seriously! I mean COME ON. You tagged me to do something like 2 weeks ago, didn't you? D'oh! I gotta get on that.

Katie J said...

Must agree with you on this one. Yummy Matthew Fox.