Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hey there! Happy 2007 to everyone. Looks like the Mummers are wussing out in their golden years; the Mummers Parade was postponed until Saturday. What-ever. I mean it barely drizzled all day. I remember some Januaries in times gone by where it was like -10 degrees outside with snow coming down and there STILL was the parade, trudging its obnoxious, drunken, motley way up Broad Street. Today it was like 56 degrees and drizzling. Lame.

I don't even like to watch the Mummers Parade. I just like complaining about it, of course. :-P

So I finally finished two of those Mason-Dixon washcloths! I used Bernat Cotton Tots yarn. I really liked using this yarn. It has a much nicer feel to it than the Peaches 'n Cream. Not that I don't like the P 'n C yarn, it's just that the Cotton Tots seems to hold together better --- no splitting of the yarn at all. Here are a couple of photos:

I did the pink one first and then the blue one. Ok so here's my problem. What the crap is wrong with the way I cast on? Seriously. Why oh why do I consistently get a wobbly, loose edge? You can see it on both of the washcloths, but particularly the upper edge of the blue one. Casting off? No problem. I do that very well. Now, the pattern says "cast on loosely." In fact, most patterns I've seen command me to cast on loosely. So I do as I am told. I don't think they mean it. LIES! Next time I do anything that says "cast on loosely" I am going to completely ignore it. Just to see what happens.

What projects are on the table for 2007? Well, so far:
  • a hat with cat ears for my sister-in-law, Wesley. I need to find my Stitch 'N Bitch book because I know there is a pattern for one in there.
  • a cabled scarf using that loverly light blue alpaca yarn that I got from Roxy's on ebay. This will be my first cabling project.
  • the felted bathroom rug.
  • more dishcloths!
AND, probably most importantly...
  • lots and lots of baby items, as my sister, Helene, just found out that she is PREGNANT! We are all very surprised. I mean, my nephew is 12 years old now, and Helene is 38. But after the shock wore off, I think we're now all excited and happy. And, honestly, we need this. My family has had a lousy time of it for the last couple of years, seriously. Lots of death, sadness, and problems. We all hope 2007 is a much better year for all of us.
I now leave you with a picture of Titus, looking like Sean Connery...if Sean Connery had a football head:

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Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

What do you mean "if Sean Connery had a football head"? He does have a football head!

I can't believe the Mummers postponed. Wusses indeed. I mean, isn't everyone (attendees and participants alike) supposed to get drunk enough that they don't care what the weather is like?