Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wow, I Love This Scarf

J'ever see a knitted item and just say, "Wow, just...WOW. I totally lurve that." Even if you don't know why? Sometimes the most unassuming patterns seem to strike the right chord, you know?

Like check out this scarf I stumbled onto today at

Man, I am like in love with this scarf. I don't know why. Usually, ruffles are a no-no for me. And I am not drawn to the frilly,ruffly, girly, frou-frou stuff at all. But this just grabbed me. It's not really frou-frou. Is it? I don't think so. Anyway, here is the pattern. I so totally want to make this. I really like the colors they used in this, too. Now my only concern is that it's knit on itty-bitty needles: size 3, I believe. I don't think I have the stamina to knit an 80" scarf on size 3 needles! AND after all that endless, tiny, garter-stitch knitting, I then have to pick up and knit the ruffles in between? RAGE!

The other thing I was thinking is that maybe, just maybe, I could knit this with stuff from my---dare I say it---stash? No really, I mean it! Yeah but, hmmm...I do love those colors they used. Sigh, decisions, decisions! Of course, using any other yarn would mean modifying the pattern, but I am pretty good at that, especially when it comes to gauge issues.

Ok, I'm gonna add this one to the list of 2007 projects!


Katie J said...

Very cute.

Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Don't fear the small needles! They aren't that bad--really! And this is a fairly small project, not a sweater that goes on forever. If you find that knitting on small needles drive you nuts, then just make a shorter scarf--maybe one with a hole near one end so you can tuck it into itself.