Thursday, April 19, 2007

Got Something 'T Show Ya!

So, I mentioned on my SP9 and SP10 questionnaires that my maternal grandmother (her name was Adeline) used to knit & crochet. She preferred crochet. She was absolutely a master. I can remember many an afghan, sweater, hat, table runner, tablecloth, etc. that came forth from her loving, talented hands. The closest I ever got to learning to knit or crochet from my grandmother was when I'd help her wind up skeins into balls when I was a kid. I always wanted to learn, but it looked so hard. Then, you know how it is, other stuff got in the way: like the perils of growing up, going to school, your first job, college, that boy in your drawing class that you were bat-shit crazy over and for about 3 years you were sick to your stomach every freakin' day that you had class and your mind went absolutely numb and you couldn't think of anything else but the conjured up life that you imagined in your head that you two would eventually have together in the countryside somewhere raising Corgis and being all artsy and idyllic together and then you wrote him this pathetic, sappy note proclaiming your undying love for him and he never even responded to it because, hey, really now, what the hell is he supposed to say to that kind of insanity; you know that now, but then it seemed like a smashing idea, and because he was a fairly decent, if stoic, guy he forgot all about that crazy-ass letter and still managed to remain somewhat awkward friends (it was YOUR fault, missy) with you anyway and you never spoke of it again even though you secretly pined away and died a little every time you sat with him at lunch and ate Chik-fil-A waffle fries at the cafeteria and you would wonder why the crap he even came over with his tray, wanting to sit there with you after all the crazy shit that went down, what did this mean, is he that lame that he doesn't comprehend the breadth and severity of your feelings for him, why won't he just tell you what's going on with him?!

Wait, what the hell was I talking about?

Oh yeah, crochet, and learning, and all of that. OK.

So I never learned any of the "fiber arts" until much later. When my dear grandmother passed away, my mom gave me many things that belonged to my grandmother. One item is a tablecloth she crocheted. It's mind-blowingly intricate. My dumb words can't even explain what it's like so here are a couple of pictures:

This was crocheted by a woman who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis from age 59. She was truly amazing. See that purplish box with the picture of Elvis on it? That was also hers. She adored Elvis. It was her little sewing box. And she was an amazing seamstress. Her dad was a tailor, so she learned from the best at a VERY young age.

I can only hope to achieve an iota of what she was able to do in crochet, knitting, and sewing.


the nicole kline experience said...

OMG i love you so much! i'm sorry for bringing up bad memories for you yesterday. i promise you i will take your advice to heart and take care of myself, i know you worry about me.

and omg i love that tablecloth so much. i want to hug it, a lot. and your grandmom.

ps, why do i suck so hard that i fell asleep during lost? i'm a shitfuck, IMMGO

Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

That tablecloth is amazing! I hope you set it out on your table sometime. Something that beautiful should be used!

Katie J said...

Gorgeous tablecloth! Too funny about the boy thing. Yeah, I had some mad crushes in my day as well.