Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SP10 Second Contest!

So my SP 10 hostess has announced a second contest: Post a picture of our yarn stash! Well here's mine, newly stored in this bookcase thingie I got from Ikea:

And also, I need to add more yarn to it. Yeah. Well, see, I had issued a self-imposed yarn moratorium back in January. Well, I am off the moratorium in a big way, people. I just bought craploads of yarn from Elann.com and Smiley's Yarns.

In other knitting news:

Having successfully finished the gusset, I am ready for my heel lesson on my socks! Well, "sock." I am still knitting up to the gusset on the other sock. But I'm getting there!

I have started knitting the "Heartbreakingly cute kimono" from Mason Dixon Knitting. It's for my sister's baby, of course. I got the yarn from Smiley's. Really nice yarn made in France called Filatura Lanarota Circus. It's 85% cotton and 15% acrylic. I'm using the bordeaux colorway. A pleasure to knit with because of that little bit of acrylic in it. Sometimes knitting with 100% cotton yarn can be so tiresome for my hands. It dries them out too. URK. Smiley's has it for $1.50 a skein too! SWEET!

Also, I think I am going to knit up one of those cool market bags for my Secret Pal. I think she'd enjoy it! They are so easy and fast to knit too. I can knit one in about a weekend's time. Which is good for me, as I am a SLOW knitter. I just hope I can squeeze it in among all the other projects I have going!


the nicole kline experience said...

i suck at life. i have done zero knitting! and i gawd damn forgot my knitting to bring to our slumber party. argh!!

Shelby said...

Nice!!! I absolutely love the shelves! I may have to make a trip to Ikea one of these days!!

Beth said...

Your stash looks gorgeous. Too much yarn? Is there such a thing? And on the market bag, I've really got to knit one of those.