Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And Now The Ensemble Is Complete

So as you know, I made a Mason-Dixon kimono for my sister's baby girl, Aubrey, who will be born sometime around August 23.

Then I made a hat to match. I just kind of made this pattern up on my own. It's just a super easy circular knit all the way up, with a "k2, yo, k2tg" row about an inch from the top where the i-cord is cinching it together.

Once those 2 items were done, I wanted to make baby booties. Oh. My. Dog. Why, in the name of all sanity and human reason, are baby booties so freakin' impossibly complicated to knit?! I searched high and low for several months for a pattern for baby booties that wasn't like 14 pages long and written so that you had to hold it up to a mirror while standing on your head to comprehend it. Well, last night I stumbled onto a great yarn webstore (Fabulous Yarn) and they offered a free baby bootie pattern. I took a look at it and it seemed simple enough.

I said, "What the hell," and gave it a try. This is about 10:10pm.

11:15 pm the bootie was done, seamed up and everything. Yes. I know. Todd had to come give me smelling salts to revive me. I was totally like, "Mick! Mick.... Cut me, Mick!" Well...not really. Anyway, the only thing not done was the i-cord that I chose to add to it to match the hat and kimono.

I knit the second one on my lunch break today. It's unbelievably satisfying to cast on, knit, and finish an object in about an hour.

So here they are, done, complete with the i-cords that I made tonight:

People, couldn't you just DIE from how cute they are?? And their cuteness is increased exponentially by the fact that these took a mere 3 hours to make (that's including the i-cords).

Ridiculously easy; just the way I like it!


the nicole kline experience said...

dude, i am so impressed by your mad skills. you are really awesome! and i'm SO excited that you're reading the george r. r. martin books!! i got colleen addicted to...she's on book 4 now. if you want to hear the interview, let me know!!

Katie J said...

Is that the Pat pattern? Too cute!

All I have to say to that is sowysvhi, which is Hindi for awesome.

Katie J said...

Oops, I'm on my dad's very slow computer and I only saw the picture and thought that was it. Please give me booty pattern. I've been wantin' a good one.

Secret Pal DDOS said...

Cute booties! Great job on the baby set, love the little Kimon!