Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There And Back Again

I'm back again from Virginia. We all had a nice time down there. And I actually got a little color. However, the pleasure of our trip was pretty much slapped out of us when, about 30 minutes from home, the battery light came on the car, which indicated that there is some problem somewhere. Nice. Then later, the engine light came on, which is even worse. So this morning we took it back to Saturn bright and early. This is the 4th time. FOURTH. We've had the car less than 3 months. Now something else needs to be replaced. The mechanic told me twice what it was, but damn if I can remember it. Todd and I are just absolutely frustrated beyond belief. This bullshit with the car has seriously drained us. I mean I've been feeling pretty much terrified to even drive the damn thing.

Maybe I shouldn't even be complaining; it's not like I've had to pay for any of these repairs. The only thing I've had to pay for was insurance on the rental cars that we've had. But geez, a 2007 model car with 3000 miles on it should NOT be having all these problems. It's a total pain in the ass. So, today we have yet another rental. This time it's a Chevy Tahoe, a.k.a. Chevy GLPTBAMVOTPSTH (Good Luck Parking The Biggest-Ass Motherhumping Vehicle On The Planet, Save The Hummer). We're probably going to get like 11 miles to the gallon with it. But it's STILL better than Vlad.

I can't believe my Vermont vacation is less than 2 weeks away! Where did the time go? I hope our car is actually functioning properly by the time we leave. :-( I really don't want to go up there driving a Chevy GLPTBAMVOTPSTH.

So I'm just waiting for a couple of things to arrive in the mail and then I can send off the package to my Dog Days of Summer Dishcloth Swap spoilee! This swap has been SOOO much fun! I took pictures of the things I made and will get them up here asap. I did a lot of knitting recently and am really pleased!

More later!


Marsha said...

"Maybe I shouldn't even be complaining."

DUDE! Your car is less than three months old and it's been in the shop FOUR TIMES.

DAMN STRAIGHT you should be complaining!

Gina said...

Well good. At least I don't feel like a complete whiner about this! Everybody who knows about this troubles I've had all say the same thing, "They should just give you a new car."

Katie J said...

Holy SHEET! Your f-ing car is back in the shop. Under reasons to complain, this is up there on the list. Lower than defective parachute on the list, but certainly up there. Complain away!


And if the don't? Well, sjvom!
(This word verification really fits the bill for todays comment.)

p said...

Gina - It's time to have a serious conversation with the Dealer - mention "lemon laws" and that you want a different new car. Your are not satisfied with this one - the repair rate is too high. You and Todd need to start this discussion right away and when you get home from it; you write it all up in a letter and send it to whoever you talked to - by registered mail. I'm betting this cars problems aren't going stop when your warrenty does!

the nicole kline experience said...

complaining? you should actually be CHOKING BITCHES.