Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If I Were To Ask You...

...How many cats are on this bed?

First you'd say, "Um...too many?" Then, you'd say, "Three." From top clockwise: Hercules, Sophie (near my pillow, GORRAMIT), and Ophelia.

Good answer!


Yes, that's Titus holed-up in there. (Love Fi-Fi's surprised/concerned look there, too.)

Come out of there, you goofy Squinty McFootball Head!

Here's Mr. Chesterfield poking around. He's really found his way around the house well. He's a lovely cat and super smart too.

And now, some close-ups:

Ophelia, looking very, very concerned (as usual):

Hercules, looking very, very confused (as usual):

And Luna, looking positively evil (as usual):

What's wrong with this photo?:

If you said that it has obscene amounts of yarn in it, then you are only partially correct.

Keep looking...

...see it yet?

This next picture will help....

Yup, Titus again. He just thinks everything is for him, you know?

Cats, OY!

1 comment:

Katie J said...

So, I know you like to try different kinds of yarn, but are you going to start spinning cat hair now?

Hee hee. Thanks for the pics. Missing my kitty.