Monday, May 05, 2008

Whassa Goin' On?!

Ok, so first of all, what happened to the Dishcloth Swap? One day, I was told to "check back on May 1 for the next round's sign-up information." Then I didn't go check the blog for a few weeks and now suddenly, the entire blog is GONE. I e-mailed the moderator last week. No response. I hope nobody is sick, or worse. If anyone knows what the deal is, please fill me in. Even if it's because I totally suck at life and they all hate me personally, I still want to know.

I need a swap, people. I need the excuse of being a "spoiler" in order to justify buying shit. I love to buy stuff, seriously; even if it isn't for me. If it is, then rock on.

Which reminds me. I HAVE been knitting. I made a scarf for Todd (FINALLY) from some Lamb's Pride Worsted, which I doubled, in a pine green color. It looks really nice. I hope he likes it. Todd's not the gushy type about anything, short of like winning the 200-million-dollar PowerBall. So, he's not likely to get too thrilled over a scarf. I think when I showed it to him he mustered, "Very nice." But he was distracted by Samurai Warriors II on the Playstation II....Anyway, picture to come later.

About a week ago I cast on for the somewhat infamous pinwheel sweater in the adult size. This is a free pattern on Instead of using the Highland Wool that they recommend, I decided to try something different. I am using Lion Brand Cotton Ease. Oh, what nice yarn to work with. I am just about at the point where they tell you to make the arm holes. It's been going very well so far. My concern is this: I have fat arms. Like gross-fat, gelatinous arms. (Sorry for that visual.) So I'm trying to figure out NOW what I can do to make them wider. I'd hate to have to frog this thing back out to the armholes. Because, while it's not HARD to knit; it is A LOT of knitting. Again, pictures are forthcoming.

Ok here's one:

I got my invite to Ravelry back in October. And I think it's a fantastic resource. And recently, I've been really getting into all things Ravelry. I am seriously going to try to photograph and catalog all the yarn in my stash on Ravelry. Stop laughing. I am! Today I went through and added as many books as I could. I think I might try to finish the books part tonight. I'm pretty sure I am only missing a few and then there are some not in the Ravelry database. Although how THIS isn't in the Ravelry book database, is beyond me.

Friday is my birthday and I am taking off from work. This will be the first time in ages that I've taken off from work on my birthday. Todd, Nicole and I are hitting the first showing of Speed Racer that day! It's getting bad reviews so far, but whatever. I have really bizarre taste in movies. In fact, this weekend we got Dude, Where Is My Car? from Netflix. I thought it was great. SHIBBY!

Oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo.


Anonymous said...

1. WTF about the Dishcloth Swap? That's truly bizarre. That swap's been around for a long time, too, so it's pretty established. Maybe there's some news about it on the Ravelry forums.

2. SHUT UP about your arms! You have lovely arms! That sweater is going to look awesome on you!

3. You realize, of course, that it will take you the rest of this decade to photograph and catalog the Wall o' Yarn (TM).

4. DUDE, I'm so glad you saw Dude, Where's My Car!

Beth said...

Now I'm going to have to see Dude, Where's My Car!" Make it "The Month of Car Movies" and see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Cars too. The sweater looks great so far.