Monday, May 19, 2008

Updates and Other Things

So, if you haven't guessed, I absolutely adored Speed Racer. So much so, that I saw it 3 times. Even Todd liked it and he hates everything. Here's a true testament to how awesome a film Speed Racer is:

Nicole and I saw it for the second time together last Tuesday. Todd, believing that we were utterly insane, went to see Iron Man instead. So Nicole and I stuffed our faces with popcorn and had a screaming good 2nd time around in a nearly empty theater. Our movie ended about 5 minutes before Todd's. We waited out in the lobby for him. He comes out. We're still all goofy and giddy from Speed Racer. Todd's looking rather morose for someone who's just come out of a celebrated blockbuster. I ask him how it was. Todd says, " was ok. Robert Downey Jr. was good." Nicole and I were like two twittering birds on crack going on and on about Speed. We get outside and walk to the car. Todd pipes up, "Honestly...I liked Speed Racer better." O_o. I was like "WOOOO! You are getting laid tonight for admitting that!"

nb: He didn't. I was too tired. ;-)

Anyway, I have no idea why this movie is getting kicked in the nads so hard by critics. It's really fantastic. I saw it the 3rd time this Saturday past with Donna, my sister. She LURVED it. About 3/4 of the way though, she turns to me and says, "Oh, man...DVD!!!" Yeah, this one's a keeper. Totally.

Something I must say about Donna: she pretty much despises all of young Hollywood. Mention any young actor to her and she starts gagging and complaining about what a hideous douchebag he is. Her most hated? Leonardo DiCaprio. He's like the anti-Christ to her. I think he's darling. But that's just me. Although I never saw Titanic, and have no such intention either, I liked him in pretty much everything else I've seen him in. LOVED Romeo and Juliet. And I loathe modern adaptations, or rather, ABOMINATIONS of Shakespeare. Usually.

I digress. So Donna hates everybody. She thought Emile Hirsch was cute. She thought whoever the dude was who played Inspector Detector was cute. She agreed with me that Matthew Fox was hotter than 1000 suns and easily understood why I would pay 3 times to see that "in underwear, fighting ninja" scene. In fact during that scene, I looked over at her and she simply uttered, "Damn." Yeah...he'

Ok, enough.

Alrighty then, what else? Here's an updated peek at the pinwheel sweater. I made the armholes using what someone on Ravelry called the "afterthought heel." Instead of putting the stitches on holders and starting new yarn, I just used waste yarn to knit back and forth where the arms are going to be, then continued with the same ball I was using. Seems infinitely easier. Here's the picture:

So there are 41 stitches in each of the 8 pinwheel panels for a total of 328 stitches. Yeah, the knitting is getting tedious. But, there's a light (Over at the Frankenstein place. Burning in the fireplace) ahead. Once I get 43 in each panel, I switch to garter stitch to make the border/collar part. The increases get less frequent (every 6th row instead of every other row), but I should end up with 50 in each section in total, 400 stitches. So, I am almost there!

Also, here is a picture of the scarf I made for Todd. This is from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book.

Lastly, I heard back from the moderator of the Dishcloth Swap. She was debating on having another and asked for some feedback. I learned yesterday that she is indeed hosting another one. Sign-ups begin at the end of this month, so I am going for it. I'm just glad that she's ok! :-)
Swaps are tricky beasts. I couldn't imagine hosting/moderating one. WAY too much work.


the nicole kline experience said...

Nicole and I were like two twittering birds on crack going on and on about Speed.

LMFAO!! it's totally true. we were on a foxcock HIGH.

Beth said...

I'm so glad you liked Speed Racer. I want to go and so does my 16 year old nephew. We will take him to see it soon!

Gina said...

It was fantastic. Go soon, though. It's crashing and burning at the box office :-(. It's not going to be there on the big screen much longer.