Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost Sleep over Lost

Ok so...Lost. Oh my DOG.

Without giving anything away of the explosive (literally and figuratively) last 5 minutes of Lost's episode last night, let me just say that it sparked a restless night's sleep, to say the least. My brain just would NOT wind down. I had a very difficult time getting to sleep because my head was full with so many thoughts, theories, questions, etc.

At about 4:00am, I was jolted out of sleep with a Lost "epiphany." I decided that it was a good idea to yell it out loud, scaring no fewer than 3 cats in the process and greatly confusing one husband.

Me: "I know who's in the caves! The dead people in the caves. It's Ben and little Ben. They are in the caves!"

Todd: "...You picked a weird time of day tell me that."

Me: (fully awake now) "Sorry! I just had to get it out of my head. I need to see that episode again when they find the corpses in the cave."

Todd: "...hrmumphsll tooby flmph.... ZZZZZZzzzzzzz"

So today, I went online to see if I could find the episode. It's there, "House of the Rising Sun," from season one. But I had to download some plug-in in order to watch it, so I didn't. There is a website I like to go to called and they have fairly-decent screen captures of all the episodes...except that one. RAGE.

They only have one shot of the corpses, and you can only see one of them in there. We have all the seasons on DVD, so I will just have to rewatch the episode tonight. However, they DID have most-excellent shots of Jack, who just prior to finding the deadlings, yanked his shirt off to prevent being stung by a swarm of angry bees. Observe:

Um, Jack should never be allowed to wear a shirt. Ever. Srsly.

Anyway, in retrospect, I think my stupendous, 4-am revelation is probably wrong. I seem to recall Jack referring to the 2 people as "Adam & Eve." But I need to know WHY he called them that. Maybe it was only because one was smaller than the other, in which case, my theory could still be right. But if he could make that determination by the pelvis or something...well then...nevermind. So I have to rewatch it.

Yes, I am obsessing.

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