Thursday, December 14, 2006

Before I Forget Again...

I never put up my favorite pictures from Vermont. So here they are. These were all taken at a state park with lots of nature trails. It was the Groton State Forest, I think. Marsha probably can confirm that; she remembers everything. I, on the other hand, would forget my big, dumb head if it weren't permanently attached to my neck....

I plan on selecting three of these and blowing them up large to frame and put on my living-room wall. I'm just not sure which three to use, and if I should make them black& white or do some funky photo effects on them to alter the colors or exposure, etc. I think I want them all to be in portrait direction (rather than landscape). So that narrows it down a little. Anyway, enjoy.

an an



a 8


a dad

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