Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's A Cry For Help, Really kinda went ahead and sorta bought more yarn today. Yup.

My most favorite yarn seller on e-bay, Roxy's Yarns, just has too damn many good deals.

This is what I got:

Two balls of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush in light blue. I thought maybe I could make a very soft, skinny, cable scarf with this.

Two skeins of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in the Brights colorway. Market Bag number 3, here I come!

And two big skeins of Schaefer's Miss Priss yarn in the Edith Piaf colorway. Look at this yarn, people. Can you gaze upon this yarn and actually tell me that YOU would have been able to resist it?! We're talking 300 yards per skein of hand-dyed, 100% merino wool deliciousness for $17, and you could have exercised enough restraint to keep your purse-strings all neatly tied up?


Ah, La Vie en Rose, indeed, Edith.

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