Friday, December 01, 2006

Ok, Now HERE'S a Game For You...

Keeping in line with the absurdity of the Star Wars Transformers (see previous post), which I think we can all agree are the dumbest, ugliest-looking, stupidest toys ever committed to plastic, I have created the PERFECT new game for today's audiences. It combines both a classic, early-1980s game and a modern phenomenon! I am such a genius! Behold:


Hey, kids! It's the old-fangled game your parents played before video games but with a cool new twist! How's it work? Well, the 4 colored buttons randomly flash and speak 4 different Simon Cowell observations! Your job is to remember the order in which they occurred and repeat it by pushing the correct- colored buttons! But be careful! Each round adds a new color and comment! Can you keep up with Simon's snarky comments? It's fun for the whole family!

Real, disdainful Simon comments from everyone's favorite show, American Idol :
"Simply awful"
"I've heard better from dying loons"
"Abysmal, at best"
"A kick in the batch would be less painful"

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