Friday, December 15, 2006

My Secret Pal ROCKS!

I had the most wonderful package of goodies from my Secret Pal waiting for me when I got home form work today! What a nice way to end the work week!

First, let me say that I absolutely LOVE everything! Also, it must be said how intuitive my Secret Pal s about goody-buying for me. In fact, I was almost crying because some of the items in there we just so very thoughtful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I took a bunch of pictures so here they are:

Here are all the items (A LOT OF THEM) all individually wrapped in the box:

I loved how the little packages had words and phrases written on them! It's such a cool idea. I'll have to use it for my spoilee! Incidentally, my Secret Pal sends me the cutest, most unique e-cards too!


So now for the unwrapped contents:

Yeah, see?? I told you it was A LOT! :-) There are 2 snowmen picture frames, Lindor dark chocolate truffle mini balls, Lemongrass and Olive soap and bath salts, a pack of Pirates of the South China Seas cards, a box of "Mack" toffee, a booklet with the cutest mitten patterns, 3 skeins of 100% merino wool in a lovely sage green color, and attached to the card is a pin of stitch markers!

Now for some closeups!

Here are the Lindor mini truffle balls. Oh my DOG, these are soooo gooood. I ate a couple tonight after dinner. I have never heard of "Mack" candy but I loved the box and I love toffee. So I am sure that I will enjoy it. I just had visions of Sean Connery taking a bite of some "Mack" toffee....Aren't the picture frames super cute? I have no idea how my Secret Pal knew this, but I absolutely ADORE snowmen. The decorations in my house are largely comprised of snowmen!

As soon as I opened the box, I was greeted with the most wonderful fragrance. It was the Olive and Lemongrass soap and bath salts. (Don'tcha just love the little scoop too?) They were in the fabric pouch that I have underneath the objects in the picture. Oh what a wonderful smell. So gentle and natural I started to get teary-eyed because it was just so perfect for me. Then I opened the Pirate cards, which I mentioned on my SP9 questionnaire as something I collect. And I just got all weepy because that's just such a sweet thing to do!

Now for the last picture of goodies:

So here's the booklet of mitten patterns called "Smitten," by Mission Falls. They are SO CUTE. I hope to attempt them someday! Maybe this can be the Christmas present net year for all the kids I know! They really are sweet patterns. And you can see the blue millefiore glass stitch-markers attached in the card. I love them. I never seem to have enough stitch markers! The yarn is absolutely, incredibly, gorgeous. It's so supple and buttery soft. NO itchyness whatsoever. I stroked it against my face over and over; it felt like fluffy silk! It's made by the same company that did the mitten booklet! I can't wait to use it!

Thank you so much, Secret Pal! Your gifts and thoughtfulness are very appreciated! :-)


Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

What a wonderful package! Pirate cards? Perfect for you1 And Mission Falls 1824 yarn is fabulous (I've made a sweater with matching cap out of the wool for Sylvia, and it's so soft). You will love working with it!

Katie J said...

More yarn? Oh, she really does know you. What a great package@

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked everything! I actually didn't expect the package to arrive before Christmas, but I'm glad it did.

I purposely sent the Mack toffee as I know that it is not available in the US. Friends of ours from Arizona always buy it here when they visit and bring it home.

I learned something new... I didn't even realize the wool and mitten book were from the same company!

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy! It's been sooo much fun spoiling you!