Friday, August 17, 2007

One Of Todd's Finest

So we're in the car on the way home from Vermont, which I KNOW I still need to blog about. There is much to be said....

Anyhoo, it's about 12:00 and we're getting hungry. Traffic has been kind to us, so we were well into New York state by this point. Todd has the ability to eat fast food and drive at the same time. I even think about eating in the car and I have to hurl. So running through a drive-through and munching on the road is usually not an option for me. Every one of those blue highway signs that announce which exits have the food places, gas stations, hotels, etc. seemed to indicate nothing but fast food. I just was not in the mood for it, you know? I am not a fast-food eater in general. It's just not good for me.

So 12:00 turns into nearly 1:00. Finally one of the blue signs presents: "Cracker Barrel." WOO! Todd goes, "Oh you like Cracker Barrel, right?" I'm like, "HELL YEAH!" Ok so we get off at the exit and it was a town called Halfmoon, NY. Well it should have been called "Fullmoon," because it was like the craziest scene ever in the shopping area we had just exited into, which happened to have the Cracker Barrel tucked away in a corner somewhere.

Let's just say that there must have been a TON of people who refuse to eat the likes of Burger King because that Cracker Barrel parking lot was INSANE. There were like 5487398796792 cars there. BUSES! PEOPLE CAME IN BUSES TO CRACKER BARREL!!! All those dumb, white rocking chairs that they have on the "front porch," were filled. Kids running everywhere. Old people with walkers and oxygen tanks were inching their way through the jam-packed lot, "!" It was like all of humanity descended onto that particular Cracker Barrel.


I just about broke 5 ribs from laughing. Sigh. That was excellent.


Katie J said...

Ok, you told this one to me last night and still...I'm reading it and my eyes are wet.

Also, did you realize you mentioned Charelton Heston in your last post and (mis)quoted him in this one? 2 references to Charelton Heston in a row. That has to be a record.

How zthufhac-tastic!

Gina said...

Yeah I realize it was a misquote. But that was the way Todd said it in the parking lot. LOL

the nicole kline experience said...


dude, that parking lot is always fucking crowded. the best was in plymouth meeting when mark and i would go and it would be every black person from every church within 100 miles of that area, all sitting on the rocking chairs out front. it was TERRIFYING. i was always waiting for them to break into "this little light of mine," or "old man river," or something. i don't care how racist that sounds to anyone, YOU PEOPLE DIDN'T SEE IT. K? THX BYE.