Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy 2nd Bloggiversary Contest

Alright, so I am quickly approaching the 2nd anniversary of this blog (last week of August). So, to celebrate the momentous event (not) I present to you a bloggiversary contest!

Here are the details:

1) To enter, you must comment to this post no later than August 31, 2008 at 8:00pm. To add a marginal amount of "challenge" to the contest, you will have to tell me in your comment your answer to the following question:

What has been your favorite post on my blog since its inception in August 2006, (not counting this contest post) and why?

You can only enter once. But! There is a way to get more entries (see below).

2) If you refer to the contest on your own blog and link people here, you get another entry.

3) If a person comments to this post and tells me that they got the link from your blog, you get a 3rd entry!

4) I will choose a winner on September 1, 2008 via a random-number generator.

See? Easy peasy.

Oh, what do you win? Lots of stuff. If you knit/crochet, be sure that I will tailor the prize so that yarny goodness is included. If you couldn't care less about knitting, shame on you. JK. But also, not to worry, I will replace the yarn with other treats.

But for everyone (knitters and non-knitters alike) this list of goodies will include, but is not limited to:

a washcloth/dishcloth knitted by me
a scrubbie, also knitted by me, which will match the cloth (ooh! fancy!)
cool soap
a tote bag
a $25 iTunes giftcard

and more!

Hope you all enter! And good luck!


Corinne said...

Hi there. Great contest. As soon as I have a few minutes I will be back to comment!!

the nicole kline experience said...

my favorite post was the one about your musical indulgences, because it sparked weeks of apache hilarity. i now think of you even more fondly at random moments, mostly when my friends bust out with some apache lyrics.

no one reads my shitty blogs, so i'm hoping that posting this quote will get me an extra entry:

"thanks for lunch, Sh!t bags."

i love you.

-president of the bizzitchernational association of america

Beth said...

Easy, peasy. I know my favorite post - it's "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Reading that had me rolling on the floor! And I have a horrible memory, but I remembered that post from way back in Nov 2006!

Anonymous said...

Gina, you know that every post you write is brilliant! So how can I pick just one favorite? :)

I really love the Waters lexicon posts you wrote last summer after our trip to Vermont. Even Sylvia says "Roll up!" all the time now!

Katie J said...

Oh Gina, I enjoy your posts and they have made me LMFAO many a time.

I've been thinking about it and I decided it was the post(s) about the Todd and Gina lexicons. I knew many of them before, but I'm trying to use them more and more.

I would have written this sooner but I've been tanked up by Facebook and I've had to tell my daughter more than once to ack right (actually she's been great, but I had to use it). Plus I've been cleaning up millions of jafars. It'd be a sin and a shame if I don't win this thing. Do you have the scrab all ready?

Marsha is probably going to think I'm a ciuccione, but I swear I didn't copy her answer! We also use roll up all the time and fall out is not far behind. (Well, ain't that the truth?)

Ok, I'm becoming a real chiacchierone, so I'll excuse myself now.

I'll be waiting for the word verification dictionary for one of your future posts. (Working title: "ujshx"

Pshorten said...

I love your blog and read it all the time. I like your movie reviews and your thoughts on students!! I've enjoyed hearing you describe your husbands southern accent...but my all time favorite is the car story - remember Vald the Impaler - it had my falling out of my seat laughing. You are a funny lady!

Corinne said...

Hi Gina,
Okay, seriously, I think your posts are always pretty hilarious, but I really enjoyed the one dated, 3/19/08....Dear USPS. OMG, that was just too funny!

michelle f said...

Good thing you posted about this again - I almost forgot to enter!!! I love two of your posts the best (actually three, I guess) - your guilty pleasures top ten, and the lexicon posts. Hee-larious!

By the way... DANG, I hope I win! That's awesome stuff! :)

Kat said...

I loved your post on Guilty Pleasures. We all sing those songs but would never admit it. By the way I came here via Michelle f.'s blog.

trek said...

Zinged over from Michelle F's blog.

Love the picture of you and Aubrey!

Carrie Penny said...

I love your spam post! I about wet myself thinking about it! I have to go back and read more now. I have to share now on my blog, I just have to remember to tell my friends to remember the depends.

Carrie Penny said...

BTW, I found you from someone's blog but I can't post who quite yet, shoot me a message so I can tell you and they can get credit for it!