Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just for Katie...

a small addendum to my lexicon:

1) Holidays (n.): Nope. Not vacation or national/religious remembrances when we get off from work. Great word that I grew up with and still use fairly often. It means: spots that you missed when painting or cleaning; mostly painting. This actually comes in as #6 (the very last) on the definitions for "holidays" as a noun from Check it!

Example: "Make sure you do a good job painting the baby's room; don't leave any holidays on the walls."

2) Break your face: Phrase often uttered by South Philly moms, sometimes in conjunction with "act right." It's a much more...colorful of way saying "I'll slap you." I've found that moms usually use this in a threatening way to older kids, say over the age of 10.

Example: "If you ever come home and tell me you are pregnant, I'll break your face."

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Anonymous said...

You taught Jan and me about holidays when you helped us paint our living room! When we worked on the den, we had a lot of holidays there, too!