Thursday, September 07, 2006

Current Projects

Since you've seen some of the old completed stuff, I thought I'd share a look at the current knit and crochet projects I'm working on.

This is going to be a very long wrap/shawl when I get it done. Thankfully, it's just about finished. This is my first real crochet project. I did not follow any pattern in particular, just made this sort-of a sampler of various basic crochet stitches. It's really looooooooooooong. I haven't even measured it. I used Lion Brand Suede yarn in the color coffee.

And a close up:

Next is a little shoulder purse that I knit. Again, I didn't follow any specific pattern, I just got a mental image of what I thought it might look like and I went with it. This is also done in Lion Brand Suede, but in the mocha color. I still have to attach the strap, which is actually the only part of this purse that did follow a pattern. I used a pattern for a belt! I'm trying to figure out if I should go ahead and make a little quickie cotton lining for this too.

I had a little trouble with the button hole. Not exactly they way I thought it would turn out, but I think that once I put a fancy button on there, it will look ok!

Close up of button hole in front:

Speaking of purses, this next project will send me to an early grave, I am sure. It's a kit to make a purse. It called the "Little Taupe Bag" kit made by BagSmith. And it comes in several colors, but I liked the taupe the best. I bought it on sale at a few months ago.

Below are pics of the package and what the bag is supposed to end up looking like in the crochet version, whose directions are infinitely less complicated than the knitted version, but still a little challenging for me. I actually started this on vacation in Vermont. Working with this yarn is not easy, especially making the initial chain. But once I got going for an inch or so, it was fine. I crocheted about 4 inches worth of the bag when I realized that I just did not add the first row of SC stitches correctly to the initial chain. I took the whole thing out to start over. And now I am having worse difficulties than before trying to make that initial crochet chain. But I'll keep trying!

I can only hope that my finished product comes out looking HALF as good as the one pictured below!

I am also working on a baby sweater for a Christening that I have to go to this Sunday. I WILL take a picture of it when it gets done and post it. I've made 4 or 5 baby sweaters so far and everyone loves them! People tell me I should quit my day job and go into business making them. But I am a SLOW knitter! I'd never make it if I had to sell my knitted goods as my livelihood.

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Katie J said...

I can't wait to see the baby sweater done! I'm envious of your talent for just thinking about how you want to do a project and then just going for it. You are a fearless knitter! Yeah!