Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And The Evil Continues

This is Titus:

Titus is cute. What with his football head and big paws and fuzzy, spotted belly... I could go on.

He's especially cute when he sleeps---extra-especially when he's in the cat perch. See?

Sometimes, I wish he'd be like Rip Van Winkle and sleep for 100 years.

Because when he's awake, Titus is bad. Seriously, he's a holy terror. He is the most destructive force that I have ever encountered. How could an animal as absolutely precious as this be responsible for the following atrocities?

Persons on heart medication and pregnant women might want to surf to another blog now.

You've been warned.

A pink satin clutch purse:

It gets worse, oh yes, much worse....

My health survey for my new GYN:

No, don't turn away...that's can't turn away....

Jan's & Marsha's anniversary gift-bag (sorry guys):

Remember the felted mice? Remember I told you that the kit came in a clear plastic cube? Let us now pause for a moment of silent remembrance of the felted-mouse kit cube....

Such devastation deserves another picture:

The sadist in you wants more, more, MORE! BWAA HAA HAA!

The blinds in the front window. These are M-E-T-A-L. Yes, those are HOLES:

What was once a really cute gift bag:
Guess Titus showed that orange cat a thing or two.

And now, the be-all, end-all of annihilation. My friends, I present to you...

The Barnes and Noble shopping tote:
Be sure to click the photos for even larger images of the gore!

All ye who hear me, take heed! The face of evil often shows itself in rather pleasing form! Stay strong; stay frosty.


Marsha said...

Titus may be evil and ruthless with housewares and shopping bags. But he runs away like a scaredy-cat whenever a baby known as the Mayor starts heading in his direction!

Gina said...

So true, he wusses out at the first sign of a 16-month-old.

eleanor said...

Eleanor says:
It's like the teethmarks are his "m.o." and the Barnes & Noble bag was his "big job."

Gina said...

Eleanor: LOL! You are so right! I have another item -- a gift box -- that he utterly destroyed. I have to try to remember to take a picture of that.

It's another of his "big jobs," as you so brilliantly termed it.

I also discovered last night that he has also left his "mark of Dracula" on the blinds in my bedroom upstairs.... Nice.