Monday, September 25, 2006

New Project

Even though I have tons of knitting/crochet projects that I could get cracking on (like that crochet purse), I have decided to pre-empt them for the Fantasy Naturale Market Bag. I don't know why, but this seemed to jump at me! I think it's the idea of functionality. I'm a huge fan of being able to USE things. And also, I am a fan of yo, k2tg! :-)

So this market bag will bring a new challenge for me: the "pick-up and knit" maneuver. I've never done this before, and this seemed like a fairly low-rage way to learn that new skill.

I bought the yarn, Plymouth's Fantasy Naturale from an e-bay store called Roxy's Yarns. Excellent service. All yarn purchases come with free shipping! I highly recommend them. And the yarn was very reasonably priced. I think I got it for $4.49 a skein and you need just 2 skeins for the market bag pattern. I bought 4 skeins; 2 each of different ombre colors (9708 and 9258); so I can make 2 bags. Now, the yarn itself is really very nice. It's 100% cotton and it's mercerized, so it's super soft and has a sheen to it. Very attractive. I hope that it's as easy to work with as it is nice to look at. And I hope it makes a fairly-sturdy, useable bag!

Tonight, I cast on! WOO!

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Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Gina, are you going to have to buy another mega-suitcase--er, I mean "project bag"--to hold all of your yarn? I think you are out to build the Mother of All Stashes!